Today the National Cyber Security Centre is opening in London. What better time to ask yourself what protection do you have in place to protect your business from a cyber attack?

Ensuring the security of your business online must be a priority in 2017. At The Typeface Group, we worship WordPress. Our open-source CMS system of choice WordPress powers 27% of the internet, and as such we have devoted time and resource to understanding how to secure any website from a cyber attack.

Ask yourself what protection do you have in place to protect your business from a cyber attack?

The chancellor Philip Hammond has said that “The cyber attacks we are seeing are increasing in their frequency, their severity, and their sophistication”.

ITV news has reported that there have already been 188 attacks in the last three months that have been dealt with by the National Cyber Security Centre. But this isn’t simply a high-level global concern, all businesses are susceptible to a cyber attack irrespective of their size.

Expert Insight.

Jane Frankland
, owner of Cyber Security Capital (CS^) and KnewStart is a Champion for Women in Security. She is also prominently listed as one of the top 25 professionals in cyber security in the UK. We spoke with Jane today who highlighted the importance of cyber security for SME’s:

“Most small to medium sized businesses think that they won’t become a target for cyber attacks, and that it’s just large organisations who get breached. However, we know that this isn’t the case. The reality is that 60% of SMEs can be breached in minutes, and whilst 93% of them try to protect their businesses, 66% have been a victim in the last 2-years. Cyber crime pays, attacks are worsening, and they’re becoming more sophisticated. As cyber criminals go after the low-hanging fruit it’s best to ensure you know how to mitigate your risks, and secure your online assets.”

If your website is victim of a cyber attack, it can be extremely costly to repair (up to the cost of a total rebuild). A cyber attack will invariably see your site taken offline, it can also have a longer term effect on your domain authority as ‘trust’ will be reduced, which will in turn impact your search engine ranking.

If you want to learn more about how to secure your website, you can read more about our security services here