We are delighted to announce on World Book Day that we will be supporting Destination Basingstoke with their exciting new project ‘Sitting With Jane’.

What is Sitting With Jane?

Sitting With Jane is a Jane Austen themed public art trail taking place this summer. Between 17th June – 31st August, across Basingstoke, the art trail will mark the 200th year since her passing, and run alongside other events across the country.

The greatly anticipated trail will consist of 25 BookBenches. The Benches will appear in and around the Basingstoke area, plus one in Alton and one in Winchester. Each BookBench is individually designed and painted professionally to celebrate Jane Austen’s life. After the summer, the BookBenches will then go to auction to raise funds for the Ark Cancer Centre Charity.

All BookBenches will cost nothing to view, with the aim to celebrate her achievements, educate people about Jane Austen herself and to show that Basingstoke is more that just roundabouts. As a business, we are so pleased to support Destination Basingstoke and their partners with social media for this project.

Spreading The Word

Felicity Edwards, Director of Destination Basingstoke, explains, “Sitting With Jane is a huge project for us and, more importantly, for Basingstoke, and we want to make sure we make the most of all social media opportunities – The Typeface Group will be great partners to help guide us.”

Natalie Weaving, Director, says “To work with Destination Basingstoke on the Sitting With Jane project is a true honour. We look forward to flying the flag not only for the town we love but also for our literacy heroine.”

The hashtag #SittingWithJane is already spreading the word on Twitter to help raise awareness. Visitors will also have a special app to download that will encourage people to share their experience and log their progress on the trail and their voyage of discovery.

So our question to you is…Will you be Sitting With Jane this summer?



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