No time? No inclination?

How do I carry out my social media campaigns?

These are just three of the worries we address on a daily basis from SMEs battling against the fast-paced world of social media.

There’s no denying it; social media is ‘where it’s at’. You must be committed to get results, but many people question, ‘What’s the point?’ The point simply is: social media provides the opportunity to build relationships and brand awareness, transmit messages to key audiences, and drive website traffic at very low cost. This creates BIG returns through more leads, therefore promoting sales and revenue.


Social Media Set-Up

Not on a social network yet?

Don’t panic. We can give you a leg-up into the world of social media.

Social Media Management

Let us do it for you. So you can focus on running your business.


Auditing & Measurement

Need a boost? We offer one off ‘social media audits‘ of your accounts.

Social Media Training

We offer 1-2-1 & group training.

To find out more, head over to our social media training page.


If you are not on a social network yet, don’t panic. We will work with you and your business objectives to advise where you would be best placed online – Google+FacebookTwitterLinkedInYouTubeInstagram etc. We never suggest the ‘scatter gun’ approach, which is highly ineffective. Instead, our advice is to start on a platform where your target audience will be; build a presence, grow a community and work from there.

Your networks must be set up correctly to ensure they succeed, and here we can help. From creating impactful imagery, to writing keyword-rich profiles, The Typeface Group will make your profile stand out and be found. Once completed, the Typeface Group can support you with your social media activities, as well as your content planning on a monthly or quarterly basis, to make sure you get the most out of your new (and improved) social media accounts.


Taking stock of your previous social media activities is a necessary task to do, before making a plan on how to move forward. Actually, it is important to review your activities on a REGULAR basis to make sure you are making the most of your time, with updates and produce the required outcome, and to tweak the plan if not.

Although social media analytics are freely available on most networks, knowing what to look for and how to read them takes a deeper understanding.

The Typeface Group offers one-off social media audits of your accounts, as well as training on how to read your analytics. For more in-depth help, our consultancy packages allow you to pick our brains each month, based on your monthly reports. We then put together a robust social media strategy for the month or quarter ahead.


The thought of someone else taking control of your social media marketing may sound daunting, but to be able to utilise your TIME effectively is almost definitely a cost saving solution for any company. Each business we work with has specific needs, and that is why we offer bespoke social media management packages based on each business and their requirements.

We can take control of your social media accounts for a set or continuous period, to support your business and marketing goals. Our aim is to grow a brand as an industry expert or a ‘go-to business’ for knowledge, services or products. We also believe in building natural online relationships with real engagement, all while pushing some traffic back to a company’s website.

Social media management is the perfect option for those that do not have the time to run their accounts efficiently or have a promotion coming up and require a bespoke social media campaign to be carried out.


If you want to become more involved in the online, social media world, we offer training based on your own requirements, your current knowledge, and the industry you work in. Our social media training is carried out either as part of one of our social media workshops or at your place of work on a one-to-one basis. To find out more, head over to our social media training page.

Social Media Marketing Consultancy

Our consultancy service helps shape your social media strategy for use in-house. It is based on your business goals and supports your company throughout specific campaigns.

The primary aim of this service is to ensure that your social media marketing is carried out effectively with intelligence, and creates a brand experience that mirrors your business objectives and values.

The hard part is finding the time, the creativity, and knowing the tricks of the trade to undertake a successful social media campaign.

This is where we come in.

Effective social media marketing takes quality and consistency over time to build interest and a substantial following. Once you get this sussed, the social media world really is your oyster.

Our social media campaign packages are based on the needs of each individual client. From training and consulting, to full social media management, we can provide you with a service that will suit your business and specific objectives.

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“Working with The Typeface Group has in a very short period of time had a great impact on our awards programme, taking our social media engagement with businesses to a whole new level and reaching a variety of businesses that was deemed to be almost impossible. All the staff at Typeface Group took the time to familiarise themselves with our aims and understood what was needed.”

Kathryn Price

Event Organiser - Inspire Awards , Destination Basingstoke

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