Reasons To Blog (most are SEO related)

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There are many reasons to blog and why you should have an update your website content regularly.

Content is key if you want to keep your users engaged and coming back for more. So in this short article, we give our top 10 reasons your business needs to start producing content and how this discipline will impress your audience.

  1. For starters, it shows you have substance and are an expert in your field. You have to give out some of your expertise and build trust in your business, in order to take in new customers. 
  2. Google ranking is crucial. The more you update your website with unique, well written and useful content, the more often the search engines come to re-rank your site, and you want it to be at the top of the list. The aim is for search engines never to complete their ‘crawling’ so they regularly come back.
  3. It can educate your readers; Use your blog as a tool to educate your readers in your field of expertise with bite-sized chunks of information. Not everyone that visits has the same level of knowledge about your offering, so make sure you cater for those that are ‘new’ to the product or industry so that you instil that level of confidence early on.
  4. Blogging is another tool for engagement. Ask questions, invite comment and (importantly) share via your social networks.
  5. By doing number 4 you will build your following, encourages return visitors and repeat business. And don’t feel once you have shared it, that you can’t again. Ensure every piece of content you write, that doesn’t have a time limit, is shared whenever appropriate.
  6. Enables you to stand out against your competitors. Those that do not show to care about their website or in parting knowledge will not be seen as ‘adding value’ to their services.
  7. Blogging will give you more content to share via other social media sites. It will provide you with conversation starters, stats and more, all that people will engage with and hopefully click on to read more.
  8. There is more credibility for you and your brand when you blog. Your audience will appreciate you more if you have passion. And you could even win an award for it 😉 
  9. Running a blog can encourage you to learn things about the line of field you’re in. Knowledge is power after all and if like us the world seems to be evolving at the rate of knot’s, by committing to producing content you are ensuring that you are keeping your eye on the changes.
  10. It may even bring in new business! Customers are more likely to trust your brand when you put all of your cards on the table.
There are more than 10 reasons to blog but these may give you food for thought and enough to get your creative hat on and start.

Websites with a blog have tend to have 434% more indexed pages. – Source 

Do you blog? Why? Or Why not? If your too time restricted, then get in touch to discuss our content strategy and planning services which will help you and your business climb Google as well as encourage new and returning website visits. Call us on: 01256 614 921 or drop us an email.

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