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25 Social media content ideas to keep your accounts active

Here is the truth of it – good social media content ideas take time to create!

As you can imagine, people or teams that produce social media content are often asked to create something that will ‘go viral’, ‘increase engagement’ or ‘result in sales’ hundreds of times a day. As mentioned above, it really is not that simple.

Most of the campaigns you see do well are from established brands that have been analysing their digital marketing efforts since digital marketing became a ‘thing’. From this data, they will know – to a degree – what should work.

Not everyone has that resource, so to help you here are some social media content ideas for you to try, test and hopefully reap the rewards from!


We have started with this one first as it is the most engaged with social media content. FACT! We all need to start producing videos for our audience.

You will be relieved to know that these do not have to be feature length and each social media outlet has differing allowances of how long or big these videos can be.

Useful snippets of social media content will always win in this time poor society.

What types of videos could add value:
  1. A live Q&A – the big social media platforms all have live capabilities and a way to limit your time spent in front of the camera is to put the content in the hands of the audience.
  2. Short tips – these can be to camera pieces or edited pieces that show how to do something!
  3. Topical chats – weekly topical chats happen online every day/week/hour, so why not do one live or pre-recorded based on something topical?
  4. Showcase – videos showcasing your work will always resonate with your audience. Just make sure you mention everyone involved to make it go as viral as possible.
  5. Interviews – that’s right, get someone else involved! Ask your audience to submit questions and interview them.  Just make sure that they are relevant or useful to your audience. This could be the owner of a new product that you are stocking or an expert in a certain field that your audience is gagging for.
  6. Make a GIF – Everybody loves a GIF. So why not make some of your own to use on your social media. You can upload them to places like GIPHY, so if you add a touch of branding they may even go viral.
Two things to note is that:

85% of people using social media on a mobile device do so with the sound OFF. So, if you can, add captions. This will engage the non-listening viewers as well as those that are hard of hearing.

Secondly, that people have an attention span of 8 seconds, so really grab them in that first few seconds to prevent people switching off.

Below are examples of different types of video social media content


Social media content with a visual element receives up to 150% more engagement than those that don’t. And when information is paired with visuals 65% of that information is retained 3 days later versus 10% when just text (source). So it is time to up your visuals game as a whole. While we love websites such as Unsplash for really artistic and free stock images, you can NEVER beat investing in a bank of your own stock photography (you can read why here). It is the only way to stand out from the crowd and for all the right reasons.

The types of social media content that is amplified through adding visuals include:


  1. Questions – Instead of trying to type out a question in 140 characters on Twitter, add it to a graphic or over a photo and save yourself some space.
  2. Tips – as above
  3. Statistics and facts  – as above
  4. Feedback  – as above
  5. Behind the scenes updates (BTS)
  6. Before and after aspirational updates
  7. Meet the team!
  8. Dare I say quotes (please try and find new ones and do not overuse them as they have been done to death!)
  9. PR wins
  10. Sharing an album from an event, product launch, product range, photo shoot, team building day, client luncheon, charity event…the possibilities are endless
Below are a couple of examples….could you imagine this social media content without visuals?

Other social media content ideas

Other social media content ideas often rely on having content to share. Ultimately we want to get more people to our website to convert and so these ideas can help with that:

  1. Promote your product or service
  2. Share your latest case study or testimonial
  3. Showcase your latest blog or one from the archive that is still relevant
  4. Share your latest piece of coverage
  5. Encourage and share user generated content linking to the service or product that they are referring to
  6. Add an event and share it
  7. Give snippets from your newsletters
  8. Share your colleagues, partners, suppliers, sponsors, influencers, networks etc updates
  9. Share a news item that is in keeping with your business

Where possible with these social media content ideas, add your own spin or comment to the update to give a flavour of your knowledge or thoughts on the topic. But keep it polite and try and avoid anything that might split your audience – politics and religion. You don’t want to lose 50% of your business via an emotive update.


And finally, for all of these social media content ideas, don’t forget to:

  • Tag in people when appropriate to give them a nod that they have been mentioned.
  • Use hashtags on the platforms that utilise them to get in front of a new audience.
  • Encourage user generated content where possible for you to share – reviews, feedback, product photos etc.
  • Engagement is key! So respond to every comment, post, mention or review you receive.
  • Analyse. Tweak the plan. Analyse. Results.
So there you have it –  25 social media content ideas for your business. That is just over 1 idea for each working day of the week. That should keep you going.


Be more effective on Social Media.

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