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BioteCH₄ Marketing Support

Graphic showing social media graphics created for BioteCH4 by the design team at Hampshire marketing agency The Typeface Group

Waste to Energy

BioteCH₄ is the leading Anaerobic Digestion operator in the UK. With multiple strategically located sites across the UK, its mission is to provide cost-effective food waste management solutions to local authorities and the commercial sector. The output of this is providing green energy back to local businesses and the grid.

the 3 month results are in....

Giving people what they want

Increase users by 47% with a 4% reduction in bounce rate = better traffic

More Leads

Overall goal completions are up by 45%

Increased awareness

Trade Press Coverage

Being found

Increase organic search traffic by 16.69%

What we delivered

The first three months were about auditing what BioteCH₄ has and making improvements. This included: 

And a lot more to come!

Seamless transition from our previous agency

“The Typeface Group assisted a seamless transition from our previous agency and have supported us with a significant amount of work over the last few months.

Their organisational skills and creative input have been hugely welcome and we’re looking forward to the next few months with some exciting developments on the cards!

Marketing Team – Sharon & Sam – BioteCH₄
Graphic showing branded stationary for BioteCH4 created by BCorp marketing agency The Typeface Group

More hands on deck

Ongoing comms

Do you need a team to assist with your marketing communications? From stakeholder comms to newsletters, online content and thought-leadership pieces,  there’s certainly a lot to cover. A flexi-extension of your team to ease that burden sounds pretty good right now, doesn’t it?
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