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There are so many factors to consider when you decide to set up a blog. Our blogging for business series aims to support you through your decision.

There are so many factors to consider when you decide to set up a blog. In a predominantly technological world, blogs are now a vital ingredient for a successful business.

So, we’d thought we would put together a blogging for business series to help you get your blog off the ground.

Want to start blogging but not sure where to start? We can help… first of all, you need to work out which blog platform is right for your business.

Do you want a blog or a website?

A blog is simply an aspect of a website. If you’re looking to start blogging for personal benefits, you can set one up easily and quickly. However, when it comes to blogging for your business, you want to be taken seriously. Connecting your blog and website together can help improve engagement to your site, resulting in more sales!

What blog platform suits you best?

With a long list of blogging platforms, you need to consider how your blog will most effectively represent the brand. What tool will you use? WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr? Do some research on the advantages/disadvantages of each, to see which is best for your business. (That’s a whole new blog post though…)

Types of blogs:
  • Continuous: A continuous blog is usually a chronological stream of blogs, organised by tags or categories.
  • Series: A series blog is a series of blogs found by clicking on categories, without a chronological stream on the home page.
  • Combination: A combination blog is a little bit of everything. It will have a continuous stream of blogs, but will also focus on things like monthly topics, which are organised into categories.
Still undecided? Here are some more blogging ideas:

A microblog is a blog platform that features short, sweet and simple posts. Twitter is a great way to microblog, with the 140-character limit forcing you to keep to the point. So why not start small and work up?

An edublog is used in education as an instructional resource; it’s ideal for schools or businesses that provide coaching and educational services.

Can’t get the point across in writing? Start a vlogging channel on YouTube, where you can film yourself discussing topics instead.

Shy in front of the camera? Podcasts are great; you can blabber on without the worry of people watching you! An audio style blog is also perfect for readers who are unable to view a video or read an article. They can simply pop their headphones on and enjoy.


Now you have decided what it is you’re after…keep an eye out for part two in our blogging for business series where we discuss those little extras to get you started.

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