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The Typeface Group Empowers Smarter Services with CoFlow, Unlocking Unprecedented Content Creation Success

In a fast-paced and increasingly competitive business landscape, owners, founders, and thought leaders often face the challenge of consistently producing high-quality, engaging content that really resonates with their audience. Smarter Services, a well-established Facilities Management Company, knew this problem all too well until they partnered with The Typeface Group and embraced CoFlow, a content creation process unique to TFG. This case study highlights the remarkable results achieved within six weeks. 

The Challenge Faced by Smarter Services:​

With their business growing faster than ever Smarter Services had so much to say and absolutely no time to get the word out about the amazing things they were up to. Between mergers, acquisitions, and the fast-approaching Summer cleans season, they realised they needed to streamline their content creation process to avoid their comms stagnating or worse, stalling. 

They were looking for a way to effortlessly extract their expertise, insights, and vision in a way that fit with their increasingly busy schedule. So the challenge lay in finding a partner who could efficiently capture their unique voice and spin it into ready-to-use, authoritative content across their preferred platforms.

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The Typeface Group's Approach - The CoFlow Content Creation Process:

We understood Smarter Services’ predicament on a very real level; in fact, we understood it so much that we created our own content creation process to combat the familiar problems they faced.

CoFlow is a game-changing content creation process that is revolutionising how digital content is produced. 

It starts with an in-depth interview that takes just an hour from the brand’s busy schedule; extracting Smarter Services’ wealth of knowledge and encapsulating their unique insights and vision. We then took this rich video content and produced a search optimised article for their website, multi-platform video snippets and graphic social cards with stand-out quotes. The end result is a robust content creation process yielding weeks’ worth of high-quality, relevant content that can be used across multiple channels.

Results Achieved

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Organic Traffic Increase:

Within the last 30 days, Smarter Services experienced a 34% increase in organic traffic to their website. This surge in website visitors indicated a growing interest in their services, which can be correlated to an uptick in brand awareness. And with a website refresh underway, Smarter Services looked forward to translating this increased traffic into valuable enquiries and conversions.

LinkedIn Engagement Surge:

As the CoFlow-driven video clips were rolled out on LinkedIn, Smarter Services saw an incredible 228.6% increase in engagement over two weeks. The authoritative video content resonated with their target audience, leading to heightened interest and interaction. Using cleverly curated content, Smarter Services was able to leverage LinkedIn as a powerful platform to strengthen its brand presence and drive meaningful connections.

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“So far, we’ve managed to get some great content out with no feedback or changes required from me. Early results are in, engagement on LinkedIn is up, and organic traffic to our website is too. I no longer feel like I’m missing a trick.”

Ian Whittingham

Smarter Services

Want to achieve content creation success?

The partnership between Smarter Services and The Typeface Group really showcases the effectiveness of CoFlow in transforming content creation strategies by addressing the concerns and priorities of businesses seeking streamlined content creation processes. With CoFlow, organisations can harness their expertise and vision to generate weeks of compelling content, leading to increased organic traffic, enhanced engagement, and a more substantial online presence. The results really speak for themselves! 

If your online output is looking a little stagnant, and you’re looking to build awareness, authority and consistency; it might be high time you find your CoFlow. 

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