WordPress Site's Are Great. But Research Your Designer!

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Commissioning a WordPress site? The most important questions to ask your web team in The Typeface Group latest blog. Click to read more.

Commissioning a WordPress site? The single most important question to ask your web team.

What does that include?

Very often potential clients question their website proposal and associated costs, in comparison to alternative quotes. Often our pitch and therefore prices are vastly different. If your WordPress site development plan doesn’t offer the following as standard, we recommend that you at least ask the question. Then we can start comparing apples with apples.

Keyword Analysis

Without a keyword analysis (KWA) to underpin your site content, how do you know what your potential audience is searching? Consumer search behaviour is incredibly valuable information when embarking on a website development project if you want to be competitive online.

Optimised Copy

Will you provide the copy? If so that is fine, but it needs to work in-line with the KWA above to be effective. Do you know your H tags from your Flesche readability scale? Will you engineer copy that successfully links between your internal pages? If so, that’s fine. If not, you need professional help.

On-Site SEO

Meta tags, internal linking, focus keywords, ALT tags, keyword density… need we go on. Ask an expert to help. Otherwise, you are only completing half a job.


Ensure that you receive the website you imagined by working with wireframes; your designer should provide you with a rough mock-up of each page to illustrate page layout and functionality. Wireframes are valuable when you are developing your site as will often kick up questions that you haven’t considered within your early planning stages.

Site design & development

This element will be included in every website estimate you receive. Insist on a timing plan and associated goal posts so you can work on your WordPress development project in bite-sized chunks.

1-year WordPress security

If your business’ site falls victim to a hacker attack, it can be extremely costly to repair (up to the cost of a total rebuild) and will invariably see your site taken offline for several days if not weeks. Can’t afford for this to happen? Take a look at our WordPress security service.

When embarking on a new website development or refresh, transparency and planning is key, aside from writing a blinding creative brief you can make sure that you are on the same page as your agency by simply asking…. But what does that include?

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Commissioning a WordPress site? The most important questions to ask your web team in The Typeface Group latest blog. Click to read more.

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