Content Is King ONLY If You Have Loyal Subjects That Read It!

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Content is king but without loyal subjects is there much point?

Author Natalie Weaving

Author Natalie Weaving

We have heard the phrase ‘content is king’ bandied about over the last couple of years.

Even we have used it a number times! Ever since Google’s Panda was allowed to roam free and the release of Phantom two from the Tower, businesses have been told ‘content is king’. Therefore if you are not prepared to create unique content on a regular basis be prepared to settle with page 2 (and beyond) of Google search!

While it is crucial to be investing time and resources into creating a blog if all you are doing is uploading and optimising it on-site, it really isn’t doing a lot!

Content production is just one factor in the huge ‘SEO to do list’.

A vital one but in isolation, it isn’t going to get you more business.  Other website and ranking factors to consider before you invest any more time in your blog:

Is your website responsive?

51.3% of content is consumed via a mobile device. So if your site as a whole is not responsive, with the new mobile-first ranking, this should be a priority to sort before typing another word.

Page speed.

You can’t get around poor website speed issues by writing content. It doesn’t work like that. If you pages are taking longer than 2 seconds to load stop writing and sort this out IMMEDIATELY.

Current content.

With your responsiveness and page speed sorted, take a look at the current content of the site. Google’s goal posts change regularly. So auditing old copy to check that it still Google friendly is a task you need to undertake. Remove old blogs that are out of date, rewrite those that don’t please the Panda or Phantom and are no longer SEO friendly. This is a job that takes time, and is never finished – we should know!

Make a note of your keywords.

Simply make a note of the keywords and phrases that you have used on the site already. Doing this prevents duplication, internal fights between pages and post, as well as helping you come up with new blog ideas.

Now it is time to start writing more content.

But having a King (your content) is pointless if there are no loyal subjects (an audience). So this is what you need to do to ensure you get the most from your well-crafted content.

1. Be Social.

One of the easiest ways to get authoritative backlinks to your blogs is to have sharing buttons on your posts thus encouraging your audience to share the content. To encourage people to continue sharing, when a person does thank them for the effort. Ask them what they thought, respond to and share that answer. When people see that your content is being shared and that you are grateful, they are more likely to do the same. Oh, and don’t forget to share the content yourself and ask your employee’s who use social media in a professional capacity to do the same! 

2. Repurpose and share natively.

By this, we mean via LinkedIn articles or Facebook articles. Native content is what the social media world wants; they are not too keen on people (especially businesses) encouraging others to click off their platform. So by posting this natively, you will be rewarded with a larger reach. Just ensure there is a clear call to action (CTA) that eventually gets the reader to visit your site or pick up the phone.

3. Content is King, even in someone else’s castle!

That’s right, don’t share it on your website share it as a guest blog with a CTA that links back to a page on your website (if possible). Producing content and placing it elsewhere is an excellent way to become an influencer in your field. You will hit a new, and usually larger, audience while getting high-quality backlinks to your website. Just make sure that you target industry specialist blogs and relevant publications that will improve your website’s authority not hinder it.

So there you have it. Content is King. But only if it is relevant to the audience that you are sharing it with.


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