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TFG Content Marketing Blog Archive

Our Content Marketing Blog archive brings together all of our content marketing blogs. Providing practical advice and insight as well as planning and measurement suggestions.


Review. Refresh. Remove. Time to refresh or remove outdated content.

Over time your business evolves. You refine who your audience is, what you offer and your brand voice. Google and other search engines also change. Their algorithms change in line with what they believe people want to see online and their search behaviours. It is down to this that it is essential that you periodically review or remove outdated content.

B2B Content Marketing Best Practice

88% of B2B marketers use content marketing as part of their overall marketing efforts. Marketing noise is ‘louder’ than it has ever been before. Our lives are saturated with content. From social media to blogs, vlogs, infographics and case studies, white papers and user-generated content in the form of reviews. Content makes the world go round.

Blogging For Business: Go. Go. Go!

Presenting the final part in our ‘Blogging For Business’ series….

The planning process is over; now to put it to good use. You may think you’ve made it to the easier part of the process – think again! A lot of thought should go in to posting content onto your blog so we’ve broken it down to make it a little simpler to follow.

10 Reasons To Blog

Content is key if you want to keep your users engaged and coming back for more. So in this short article, we give our top 10 reasons your business needs to start producing content and how this discipline will impress your audience. For starters, it shows...

PR for Small Businesses!

PR FOR SMALL BUSINESSES – WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW Public Relations or PR for small businesses is often considered by many as the playing field for industry big hitters. But gaining media coverage, engaging in social media and networking doesn’t have to be complex,...

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