For SMEs, producing all of your business’ content can be a mammoth task without hiring a skilled content marketing team.

Especially if you want your efforts to make a good impression on your audience. From website tweaks, keeping up to date with social media, content marketing, PR and pleasing Google, something always gets rushed, forgotten or abandoned. These obstacles can leave a business thinking ‘is it worth it?’ and the cost of a content marketing team may seem more hassle than it’s worth.

Creating content may seem like a relatively easy process. Some businesses believe that writing a couple of random paragraphs for a blog once a month will do the trick. However, it’s not that simple. Every business needs a content marketing team, with each team member having their own unique skill:

What does your content marketing team look like?


Content Is King

We can’t stress this enough. Content marketing is an integral part of SEO. Without it, you won’t reach your target audience effectively. With so much competition, how will your content marketing team distinguish yourselves?

Knowledge is power and that equals results

Do you desire competitive content that will get your business in front of your audience? A business MUST have knowledge and skills to produce content that your audience wants to read.

Discipline and Time Management

Carrying out a full content marketing strategy needs someone at the helm to ensure completion of tasks. On average, thinking, researching, writing, uploading, optimising and publishing content can take 4 – 5 hours. Sometimes, if you have a burning idea, they can happen quicker; but for those who are not confident writers, you need to get realistic with how much time you have to spend on this task. Ensure it becomes part of your weekly routine to get it done. The more you do it, the better you get and consistency is key to getting results from blogging.

The Pundit

Goal setting and analysis is imperative to working out ROI. Whether your goal is finding new custom or strengthening your relationships with existing clients, having a goal for each piece of content gives it purpose. The content then needs to be measured. Did it meet your original goal? Did it fulfil a different business need? Do you need to rethink the content you are offering to achieve better results? The pundit in your team will produce this analysis with recommendations for next time.

The SEO Geek

Every marketing team needs a geek. Fact.

They are priceless. They bring relevance and analysis to every element of work, especially in digital marketing. The SEO geek will analyse what keywords people search and know where to put them to ensure that Google ranks you. This team player will often find other keyword ideas and suggestions – you’ll hardly ever get stuck for relevant content suggestions for your business!

The Copywriter

The ultimate question – Can you write? More importantly, can you do it in a reasonable time frame, to a standard that will impress your readers? Can anyone in your team help? Would it be more cost-effective to look at outsourcing to a professional copywriter? A talented writer will know exactly how to put into words what your company’s brand message is.

The Photographer & Graphic Designer

Writing content is just the beginning. Your words may flow beautifully, but if they’re in huge blocks of text, even the most literate of people will soon get bored. Simple, on-brand graphic design and photography, will give your content that added uniqueness it requires to be successful. These graphics need to be high resolution with a professional finish, to increase the chances of them causing engagement.

Web designer

After writing an optimised blog post that is relevant, unique and Google friendly, it needs design. Copy and pasting from a word or Google doc into the back end of a website, just undoes all of the hard work you have put into writing an impactful blog.

Your business needs to consider the layout, graphics and photos that finish the whole piece off and encourages people to explore the website further (or at least come back to read the next one).

The chatter box

Now you have written content, added images and optimised the post, it is time to publish. Once published, you cannot sit there and wait for people to come to you. Shout from the rooftops that there is new content live on your site and everyone needs to read it. You need to do this in several different ways for each social media network, then you can analyse which post had the most clicks and repeat that type of update for this blog and the rest!

The ballsy one

Yes. that’s right. There is a ballsy one in every team that spins content into something that could be published. They build relationships with journalists and the ‘right people’ in the industry and showcase your brand as the ‘go-to’ business in that field. They spin it so well that you start to believe it. Before you know it you become an influencer. But with every aspect in business, if you put yourself out there, along with your opinions and views, be prepared for counterviews. Just always have your brand in mind. Does that piece, publication or outlet reflect how you want to be perceived? Have a guideline and stick to it.

What are you waiting for?

It is time to create your very own dream content marketing team.

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