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Chloe was our Digital Marketing Company in the summer of 2017. Click to find out how she got on what what she will take away from working with The Typeface Group.

This past week I have been completing a week of work experience at a digital marketing company. This has given me an enormous insight into the digital marketing industry.

My name is Chloe, I am 15 years old and currently doing my GCSE’s at Robert Mays school in Odiham, Hampshire. I am lucky enough that, as part of my school year I take part in a week of work experience. This gives us all a better picture of what life will be like once we’ve finished school. As well as an idea into which industry we want to go in to in the future. I am looking to study ‘Creative Media Production’ at college. Therefore, being able to complete this week at a digital marketing company, The Typeface Group, has been an amazing, eye-opening opportunity.


Before my time at The Typeface Group, my understanding of marketing and digital marketing was very basic; I believed it to be assisting the sales function for your own or another company, through posters at bus and train stations, TV and radio adverts and social media. Therefore, what I thought I would do versus the reality of working in a small digital marketing company was very different. My view on the industry has certainly changed.


I didn’t think I would be doing very much as a student on work experience for only one week. However, unlike some of my friends, I knew that I would be working with many different people at TFG – getting great, hands on experience, which I am very grateful for.

Before my work experience, I had little idea about the planning, services or admin that make a digital media company work. I believe this is because the public only ever sees the final product; there is actually little understanding of what goes on behind the scenes!

I’ve learnt that The Typeface Group does a lot more than I expected. In their team alone, they have a photographer who covers everything from headshots to corporate events, a Digital Comms Exec who works with clients to complete consumer behaviour analysis and content strategies, as well as social media campaign management on multiple platforms and a designer who will design clients websites, logos, brochures and business cards.

As a small but successful business, The Typeface Group have a network of contractors they outsource work to when the workload increases. I understand the business reasons for doing this as it brings flexibility to the team overall.


I have also learnt how TFG helps clients in ways that many, including me, would not have thought before. For instance, they offer things like social media and SEO (search engine optimisation) training and workshops. They also provide services like web design, photography and rebranding as short-term projects and long-term management of social media, blog writing and SEO services. None of which I knew was even a thing before coming to The Typeface Group.

As a digital marketing company, The Typeface Group are always looking to work with new clients and projects to grow their business and add to their portfolio. They do this by keeping track of potential clients and finding what each company wants and then tailoring a service to them. Whether it’s long-term or ongoing work, (retainers) or a one-off workshop or photo shoot, the same processes will apply.

The planning that goes in to launching a new website or running a workshop is more complicated than I imagined. From meetings to bringing in clients, to keeping up with work from existing clients who expect a certain standard of work. It all must be done as quickly and smoothly as possible to succeed. The team at TFG use a network of timing plans so that everyone knows what is going on that day. This is all overseen by a Senior Account Manager, Rebecca, who works in the office.


Finally, I think work experience at my age is a great opportunity for people to research more about a particular industry. Which, for me, was a digital marketing company. I’m also aware that work experience is something colleges, universities and employers will look for.

In the past week, I have learned how there is so much more depth to marketing than just advertising. Even the work, research and analysis that goes into building a successful website is an art.

I have really valued this experience and being able to work closely with everyone at The Typeface Group.


For more information about The Typeface Group and their services, please contact the team: 01256 614921

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