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You may or may not know, that every SEO consultant in the world is awaiting a predicted ‘Penguin’ update to roll out. This update is related to backlinks, which should result in another shift in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

You might also be aware that Google rarely warns you about any of their algorithm changes; you often only find out when you see odd results in your web traffic and search result rankings. This is exactly what has recently started the SEO jungle drums going. It is believed that an update has been rolled out. A big one – not Penguin. A CORE Google algorithm change, which is having a substantial impact on search rankings, according to early reports.

Google Algorithm Changes 2016. Read our blog for more information

What is ‘black hat SEO’?

  • Keyword stuffing
  • Low quality back links
  • Poor content that ‘pisses off the panda’
  • Poor user experience (UX)

What is a Google algorithm?

A Google algorithm is a factor that Google uses to rank any given page or website. There are hundreds of these factors, which no one truly knows, and they are updated often. By following white hat SEO practices will prevent you being penalised when changes are made.


Fear not. For those website owners and SEO consultants that follow ‘white-hat’ principals, you shouldn’t panic at this update. If anything, this fundamental change may reward you further for your creative copy writing, amazing user experience and regularly updating your various types of content which are being shared via social media channels. If this is you, like our clients, you should not experience any major difference in your search rankings.

Change has come though, and it will likely bring with it some interesting developments. Whilst we await to find out exactly what the changes are, ensure that your SEO consultant has their ear to the ground, is monitoring your SERPs, and is improving any areas that may have been neglected. This is the only way to ensure you come out of this change on top.

To find out more about what has happened take a look at this post from Yoast, who is reporting on this change as it happens.

Not sure that your website would withstand this update? Request a free SEO audit with recommendations from the Typeface Group SEO team today.

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