I am a bit of a networking grinch so often look for alternative ways to mingle.. How to network without actually networking in the traditional sense has become a bit of a sport at Typeface HQ so this may well become a little series of posts.

How to network.. an alternative #1

Firstly my dislike of traditional networking is nothing personal. I love speaking to people, but you rarely know who you will end up speaking with. For a time poor person with a to do list of epic proportions, it is difficult to justify even taking a (child free) hour out of the day for what can ultimately turn into a polite chit chat… but without wine.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not in it for the hard sell, I want to learn from the people I meet as well as discuss industry, challenges and of course marketing.

Are you a networking grinch? This is for you. How to network without actually networking in the traditional sense is something we do. Click for more info.

Yesterday I spoke at a local business expo. I spoke because I was asked by a local business connection and thought “why not?”. In retrospect, it was just what I have been looking for. I enjoyed two small seminars where I spoke about content marketing and digital marketing measurement to a packed room. I met lots of interesting people from app developers, to interior designers and travel specialists. What did they have in common? Enough intrigue and motivation to attend the talks in the first place and because they were engaged, this is what happened:


Typeface Group Twitter Engagement Increase


My Twitter Engagement Increase

Now public speaking isn’t everyone’s bag, but the proof is in the pudding with measurable benefits that more people are now aware of our business and understand more what we do (and can do for them). But it doesn’t all come down to winning new business. Although that would be epic, by speaking at events it puts you out there as an expert in your field versus your competitors. It also allows you make some really useful connections that will enhance your business offering or network further. On and offline.

Want a copy of the presentations?

Let us know if you want our ‘Content Marketing’ or ‘Measuring Marketing’ slides and we will get them over to you.

We also used the opportunity to go LIVE on Facebook…