How Can I Get Industry Leaders to Share My Content?

It is every content marketer’s dream to have industry leaders and online influencers commenting on and sharing their carefully crafted content.

Whilst this may sound like an almost impossible feat, there are some simple ways to make it happen for your business. In this blog, we explain how to increase your chances of having your blog shared throughout your influential network by industry leaders.

You have to give a reason for readers to share your articles


Every business loves a bit of praise. If someone has written a complimentary blog, of course, you will want to share it. Write a review about an event, a piece of software or share your thoughts on marketing industry activity, as we have done so here. Once published, why not email those people or companies who you have mentioned or written about to let them know about it and where to find it?

This could lead to them sharing it directly with their audience, which is a great result. Also, make sure you ‘tag’ them in any social media updates. This further increases the chances of them seeing it, reading it and/or sharing it.

Quote their expertise

Get in touch with successful businesses who are at the top of their game and ask them for their thoughts and advice. This could be as part of a wider comment or opinion piece, or a more in-depth interview with an authoritative spokesperson.

When sending that email asking for input, keep it personal yet professional. Be clear about what you are asking for and why. Make it clear what type of post you will be writing. Spend time researching exactly who it is you’re trying to get in contact with and their details – they will appreciate the effort.

Don’t hold back in shouting about your success if you’ve managed to grab a popular influencer to share their opinion. It’s possible this will even encourage others to engage with you in the future too.

Every time one of your selected specialists shares your article, you’re increasing your organic reach and earning industry credibility along the way too. Remember to let your specialist know after you’ve published the article. Direct them to the finished piece, including where they can find that tweet to retweet. Make it as easy as possible for them to engage with your content.

However, be prepared. It’s likely that you won’t receive a mass of responses straight away. So, whilst you are waiting for Richard Branson to get back to you, research already written articles and extract quotes to reference which will strengthen your article even further.


Reminding people of their success is a no-brainer, especially if you want them to share your stuff. Link to authoritative businesses websites in your content, when relevant. This could be when quoting a statistic, using a well-known quote or citing an industry example.

If businesses are monitoring their backlinks and brand mentions (unless you’re linking to major corporations), it’s likely they will come across your piece and hopefully give back by sharing or mentioning it!

Tweet and tag companies in your thoughts about what they have been up to recently, or in an update about that relevant article you’ve written. But, remember to prevent sounding too salesy. Flattery will take you far.

Share success

Success may look different depending on what platform it’s on and who the target audience is. For example, Facebook could be about driving traffic to your website. However, YouTube is more about brand awareness through views. The journey through to conversion is also going to be different depending on who you are talking to. It has to go through a lot of steps first from brand awareness right through to advocacy – each touchpoint should be recognised as an achievement.

Online reputation

Remember, these processes are all part of building your online reputation. Try not to get carried away – keep the content relevant to your audience and your brand. Aim for recurring success, rather than a one-off viral post that doesn’t represent how you wish to be perceived.

Think about your USP (unique selling point). Although you want to be on-trend, don’t lose sight of what makes you stand out amongst your competition – that’s what attracted your loyal readers in the first place.

The key to success is to make sure you have a plan, that your content is strong and that you’re not too disheartened if it takes 1, 2, 3 or even 100 times to breakthrough. Just keep going and review what type of approach works for you,  what type of content resonates with your audience and what content your influencers are sharing.

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Share content socially

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