Link Building Techniques & Who On Earth Is Fred?

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Fred & Advanced Link Building Techniques

Following on from our What are backlinks & how to get them’ in this article we are going to explore some more advanced link building techniques.

But before we do, we should explain why towards the end of last week the SEO bongo drums were beating in light of an unconfirmed Google update!

Meet ‘Fred.’

Fred is the name of the unconfirmed update from Google which seems to focus on back link quality, rather than content for a change. Why Fred?

Google has still not confirmed or denied the update. But Gary Illyes from Google did say they are constantly updating, and I asked him to name the update, and he said he would name all ongoing updates as Fred unless stated otherwise. 

So, Fred, it is until it is confirmed…if at all!

Timely Link Building Information

Tell me about it! We promise we had not planned it. That aside, it is clear that link building is now of even more importance. Knowing where your link backs are coming from is imperative. We recommend that you consider adding Google’s search console tool to your website, which is free, so you can monitor your data that way, from one dashboard. This will also flag and track any random referrals that may show up in your Google Analytics.

Advanced Link Building Techniques

This is not an exhaustive list of advanced link building techniques; actually, we are only going to outline three. These exercises take time to prepare and execute so ensure that you have that resource to spare. With that said,  if done well, they can all give your ranking some well-deserved brownie points and your website some new traffic.

1. PR

Engaging in some PR for your business not only adds trust from a visitor’s point of view but Google’s as well. If you are mentioned in an article, have an opinion piece published or can provide a Guest blog (see below) that links back to your site this will act in your favour as a high quality and relevant back link.

There are many ways to get your business in the press. From the traditional PR route of sending a press release to utilising a Press Office service not forgetting news jacking, the practice of sending a pitch to a journalist about an article idea, you have based on trends and topics of interest.

Just remember the points discussed in our previous backlinks blog, anchor text (if you have a choice), what page is this link going to go to and where this link is in case anything changes!

2. Guest blogging

Approaching influential publications and blogs that are industry-specific and pitching articles to them is one way to go about link building. Just remember they may not want to feature anything that has been published elsewhere, so make sure you offer them something unique. Another is to request to become a blogger on sites such as Forbes and Huffington Post.

3. Broken backlinks link building

Sound like an oxymoron? It is more of an opportunistic way of building links and helping another website out. In short, this is where you contact a webmaster about a broken link on their site, and you offer them a link to the related content on your site to help them out. 

To do this properly, you need to have a list of keywords that you want to rank for (preferably the ones you have optimised your content to with some related ones) well-written content on your site and be able to identify websites with 404 errors. Oh and time! The ‘Broken Backlinks’ process in brief:

This is the ‘Broken Backlinks’ process in brief:

We presume that you have completed steps 1 and 2 (a list of keywords and decent content), stage 3 we have paraphrased from Moz as they explain it a lot better than we can:

Once you have identified your keywords, you will want to pair them with prospecting phrases. Below are the search terms to use in Google or Bing to find the relevant resource and links pages like “intitle:resources” or “inurl:links.” 

You can find an extensive list of these prospecting phrases here >>

In step 4 you will now have a huge list of websites that will need to be whittled down based on their Domain Authority. To do this we recommend downloading the Moz SEO Toolbar, which is free and can tell you this information at a glance. 

Step 5 is to look for 404 errors on these pages to see where the opportunity lies. We recommend Check My Links, another free add-on and tool. Click on the pages that you have identified on websites with a decent DA, check that the content is relevant and if it uses the tool. If the content is not 100% what you have available, could you write it?

Is your brain sufficiently pickled? So is ours. And this is not even an exhaustive list!

Like any marketing, link building is a long-term activity with the aim to increase your authority online and your traffic. Do not go into it blind. Read more into it and do what you are comfortable with OR speak to a company that can help you *cough*.

Good luck!


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