Work on your personal brand and become a thought leader.

That is a lot of buzz words in one neat blog title. But in short, you, your career, how you communicate, present yourself and go about your business all shape your personal brand. In turn, the more you put yourself and your views with regards to business and industry out there, the more you will become a thought leader.

With the rise of the ‘influencer’ personal branding has never been so en vogue. Gone are the days where a business can simply rely on their corporate branding. 

What can I do to make sure that I create a positive personal brand? Five quick tips…

  1. A picture speaks a thousand words… get your headshots done. LinkedIn has stated that a profile with a professional headshot is 14 x more likely to be viewed.
  2. The devil is in the detail. Ensure that any written content that you put out is easy to read, accurate and free from grammatical errors.  Grammarly is your friend.
  3. Be authentic. Not everything you write or communicate has to be specifically related to your business. In recent years I have commented in the national press, on the radio about work-life balance and running an SME. As a result, I was asked to speak on a panel at The Telegraph Festival of Business about work-life-balance. Was it directly related to my business and could I sell from it? No… was it great exposure for my ‘personal brand’ and in turn The Typeface Group? Absolutely.
  4. Be social. Another opportunity to show your professional brand is on social media. Be helpful, engage, add a comment and don’t be afraid to have an opinion. Leave a positive digital footprint that mixes professional and personal opinion/insight, this will be searched, and first impressions count.
  5. Get out there. Go to industry and big business events, speak with confidence and again be authentic. Most of all don’t forget your business cards (I am the world’s worst for this).

What can you do to support ‘personal brands’ within the workplace?

It is quite simple. To ensure that your employee’s ‘personal brand’ don’t damage the business make sure:

  • Brand guidelines are clear, understood and to hand at all times
  • Corporate identity is adhered to
  • Content is readily available
  • Training is offered
If you encourage employees to market themselves (and the business) digitally, then ensure a social media policy is in place.  It may be, as a business, you identify individuals within your teams that are to become your ambassadors. By nurturing their personal brands, you inadvertently raise the profile of the business. Win.. win. 

What’s this about thought leadership?

Thought-leadership is consistently imparting knowledge that is of use to your audience or relevant within your industry. We have written about this in greater depth here, and for the most part, thought-leadership & personal branding do go hand in hand.
In short:

  • Get in the press
  • Have a consistent & KNOWLEDGEABLE social media presence
  • Put yourself forward for opinion pieces
  • Book some public speaking/ Keynote speeches
  • Attend big industry events and impart your newfound knowledge

Get yourself out there. Be Authentic. Be consistent.

So here’s the challenge.

  1. Get on Twitter and search the #journorequest hashtag. Is there anything that you can respond to?
  2. Get a better headshot – professional if possible. Selfies need not apply
  3. Join some general business groups on LinkedIn and join in with a networking hour or two on Twitter… be helpful!

Networking Hour Examples

#Bizhour 2-3pm daily
#B2Bhour 3-4pm daily
#BlogHour 9-10pm Tuesday
#SpeedNetworking  6-7pm Saturday


If you want to put yourself forward for editorial comment and features...


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