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Protecting your site with reCAPTCHA

Franki Smith
Franki Smith

SPAM, no one likes it in any form, but especially when it ends up in your inbox or, worse, clogging up the comment section on your blog. Today, we discuss the need to protect your site from SPAM and the harm that can be done if you choose not to. 

What's the harm of a spam comment? 

In most cases, SPAM comments have an ulterior motive; usually to plug their own site (a dodgy link-building ploy) but occasionally, the links are intended to manipulate the reader. In any case, SPAM comments drag down your Domain Authority and generally make your site less trustworthy, something search engines frown upon and will reflect this disapproval in their rankings. 

Thankfully, website platforms such as WordPress have anti SPAM plugins which help protect your site. But, we know more can be done to bullet-proof its security. 

Did you know, over 100 million phishing emails a day are blocked by Google?
Source: EmailOut

Speaking from experience

Over the years we’ve used various plugin versions ourselves.  And with recent changes, we’ve found the best way to protect your site is to go with Google Invisible reCAPTCHA

What is invisable reCAPTCHA

The aim is to be ‘Tough On Bots, Easy on Humans’. Using this latest version of reCAPTCHA means that you will no longer serve human users the ‘I’m not a Bot’ box when leaving a comment or filling in a contact form. Instead, only suspicious users, or bots, will be served the challenges to solve. 

But it’s more than just a SPAM filter; every time a human user has solved a CAPTCHA, the data captured actively contributes to making search functionality easier and continues to help swat away those pesky bots.

Protect your site & your customers

You may still be sceptical about reCAPTCHA necessity, but here are 4  considerations that may change your mind; 

  • The security of your website and any data associated with it should be of paramount importance to you, especially if you store customer/client data. Using reCAPTCHA offers state of the art spam and abuse protection for your site.
  • User experience (UX) on any site should be seamless. This new version of reCAPTCHA makes for effortless interaction for your users, eliminating the need to check-boxes and solve puzzles. It brings the human touch back to online communication.
  • Less Spam = cleaner site. You know how we feel about clean sites, and reducing the environmental impact running a website can kick up. Storing 100s of spammy comments and links take up valuable server space and that’s just wasteful use of resource! 
  • It’s another way of making your site accessible. reCAPTCHA offers an audio CAPTCHA option, designed for visually impaired users to be easy to use but very tricky for the bots. 

In 2020, Lithuania, Latvia and Serbia were responsible for the highest proportion of phishing/SPAM attacks respectively

Source: IT Portal

How do I add reCAPTCHA to my site?

If the world of SPAM filters is over your head, we’re here to help. But if you want to familiarise yourself or give it a go simply visit:

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