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Today I gave comment on a story in The Telegraph today ref maternity leave regrets in the wake of Lady Judge suggesting that “you’re mad” if you take your full year off. Today I spoke in greater depth on BBC Three Counties Radio about maternity leave from the perspective of a business owner. 

The reality of being a business owner is that 9 out of 10 start-ups fail. When my second child was born our start-up was gaining momentum. As such I returned to work within three weeks, albeit with a unique childcare plan in place. All directors shared a Nanny on-site, so I could still feed and comfort Ruby when needed. This meant I could make the best use of my time to complete client work. Within 18 months, we had grown a successful full-time business on part-time hours. Never compromising our service offering or missing deadlines. But we were tired… really tired.

I love everything about TFG, but being a business owner isn’t easy. It’s certainly not all shiny portfolio pieces and awards ceremonies. Giving up precious time with Ruby (and her big sister) is a regret for me and there have been plenty of ‘Mother’s guilt’ tears shed at TFG HQ.

The positive side, which isn’t covered in the article is that both my kids understand work and know that Mummy & Daddy both work very hard. The same Ruby quoted in the piece also asks for red lipstick because “she has meetings to go to” while her older sister wants to “Be the boss” when she grows up.

Today I spoke about maternity leave regrets on BBC Three Counties Radio about maternity leave from the perspective of a business owner.

Listen to the interview here

Read the full story in The telegraph

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