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Author Polly Buckland

Author Polly Buckland

Wed 9th May 2018

Top activities that can help you to refocus your marketing

If you are sitting within an established business, turnover is good, the bottom line has looked worse but your feeling decidedly lackluster, your digital comms are drier than the Sahara and your internal teams can’t quite agree on your comms strategy to move forward. It’s pretty clear that you need to refocus your marketing… and quick. In this post we look at the top activities you can do to help refocus your marketing and start pushing your business forward.


Research Research Research.

A wise man (Mark Ritson) once said, the moment you start working for a business is the moment that you stop knowing what your target audience wants… in short, you’re biased. In order to gain valuable insight into the wants and needs of your potential customers as well as the whys, there are several research methods you can utilise to refocus your marketing. The art is finding the correct mix of qualitative and quantitative research to give you the most information about your audience specific to your objectives.

Don’t be afraid to start with Google. Not having a budget is not an excuse for not gaining valuable insight into your audience’s behaviours. In fact, with very little budget there are many ways to clue yourself up.

  • Industry Surveys
  • Research Papers
  • Keyword Research
  • Existing Studies

Aside from this, if you have little budget & resource, custom surveys don’t have to be expensive or particularly time-consuming. Take a look at survey monkey & use their calculator to price up your research project.


While there is an argument saying that mass marketing has a place, actually segmenting your market and looking where you should push your resources is a clear way to refocus your marketing efforts. Segmentation is not targeting. This is the precursor to targeting. Segmentation is about the market, your customers.

There are a few ‘rules’ when segmenting your market in order for it to work (and the subsequent targeting). These are:

  • Making sure the whole market is included
  • A customer can only belong to one segment
  • That the segments are sized and valued correctly
  • You can place a customer in each of the segments (although not all if you don’t target them all yet!)

Here is an example of what your segmentation map may look like

Auditing what you already have.

Research and segmentation do take time and resource. So one ‘quick’ way to refocus your marketing is to audit your existing activity and what works already.

WEBSITE / By analysing your website data (we recommend Google Analytics) you can see what content is converting, what pages people are hemorrhaging from and more. With this data in mind, you can make some short-term improvements while carrying out deeper analysis.

SOCIAL MEDIA / Each platform has their own FREE insights. Each platform also has its own audience, they behave differently, digest and engage with updates in different ways, at different times. One social media fail that many businesses fall foul to is posting the same message with the same wording across all platforms. Take a look at your insights, is this working for you? If not there are many scheduling tools that can help you to become more effective.

SEO /  Is your website performing from an SEO perspective? Having a regular SEO audit with action points that you can act upon ensures that your website is well optimised and user-friendly. It also throws up keywords that are you being found for, some of which you may not have thought of and could use to weave into your content planning.

EMAIL CAMPAIGNS / GDPR has given business a fantastic reason to reach out and cleanse their data to ensure that the people that are on the list, still want to read your emails. Once you have pushed through the pain of the GDPR minefield you can be safe in the knowledge that your email audience is an engaged one.

Fresh Eyes.

By outsourcing your marketing, if you choose the right agency you will automatically have a wealth of experience and several pairs of fresh eyes at your fingertips. This experience may not be specific to your industry and that is where the creative brief of dreams is critical. The briefing stage alone can help you to refocus your marketing requirements inline with your business objectives. Interrogating the brief with your account manager even more so.

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