As the end of the year looms most businesses have already planned their 2017 marketing budget. To help you along we have put together a number bad marketing practices that need to be left in 2016 alongside best practice advice to help you push your brand forward in 2017.

DON’T. Automated DM and responses on social media.

Poor social media growth marketing practices of 2011 that are still hanging around like a bad penny. Here’s a shocker EVERYONE KNOWS IT ISN’T YOU RESPONDING. So please stop it, save the cash spent on the software and invest some time in building real relationships!

DO. Best social media marketing practices.

Set some time to engage with followers across your accounts, answer questions, offer advice as well as share unique and useful content. By getting into the habit of doing this on a daily basis you will quickly notice an increase in engagement which will result in your posts being seen by more people!

DON’T. Send daily email campaigns.

Unless you are ‘not on the high street’ or an industry publication then a daily email clogging up inboxes is not worth your time. Quality over quantity wins every time. So give yourself a break, stop trying to scrape the content barrel to send something and wait until you have some real news to share.

DO. Best email marketing practices.

Create a mix of content to share; this will vary from business to business, but a healthy combination of attractive promotion, useful business & industry news with multiple calls to actions will help you make the campaigns that you do send more fruitful increasing that all-important click rate.

DON’T. Overshare

You need to be creating content regularly if you want to maintain any online presence. Sharing third party news & articles makes the world go round, BUT unique content is the only way Google will keep visiting & re-ranking your site. Also, don’t overshare personal information on your professional outlets. Think about those posts do for your brand how overly personal post could be perceived by potential customers.

DO. Share your own unique content

Pave your way as a thought leader, industry influencer or the go-to business in 2017 with a robust content plan and some brilliant ideas. Also, have a brand voice document with 5 words that round-up how you want to be viewed online. It may prevent sharing those overly personal posts that do not do your products or service any justice.

DON’T. Use stock images

One here or there that is modified is ok but invest in a unique bank of images to make your business stand out. With the rise of free stock imagery sites, and the good ones being far and few in-between, unless you are a Photoshop pro to tweak them, 99% of the time they look naff.

DO. Get snap happy

Take a series of images for your print & digital marketing collateral. One photo shoot can provide you with hundreds of images that can will be perfect for use across all medias.

DON’T. Hideaway

Impersonal profiles or worse an egg head. People buy from people, so make sure you use a professional headshot on your site & social media profiles. If you have a big team, make sure you introduce them to your client base. At TFG our ‘Team Page’ gets 6% of all site traffic.

DO. Get ahead with a professional headshot

Who wouldn’t want 14 times more clicks or views on LinkedIn? [That’s not our stat, it’s theirs] Ditch the selfie and have a headshot done to amplify your personal brand in 2017. It will only do wonders for your kudos which will reflect well on your business.

DON’T. Be a fashion victim

We love the way a well-designed one pager looks. BUT they significantly limit your SEO strength by severely restricting the number of keywords that you can use to attract traffic.

DO. Create an SEO friendly site.

You can still create a ‘one-pager’ feel with full-width images, parallax effect and contrasting sections to highlight pertinent information AND you can enjoy a plethora of keywords across your site to ensure you maximise your chances of increased organic traffic.

So there you have it. What to drop and what to take on board in the new year. But we’re not quite done. We’ve created a useful resource hub to help with planning, marketing practices and briefings. Click here to arm yourself with this tools and take on 2017 like a warrior.