Today we hot footed up to London to attend the yearly #SMLondon live event. Hosted by our friends at Social Media London.

The speakers were all phenomenal.

James Tozer, The Economist
Anne Nicole, LinkedIn
Victoria Luck, Buzzoole
Chris Harris, Arsenal FC
Camila Romuld, HSBC
Adam Libonatti-Roche, The Drum
Lucy McHenry, Twitter
Ben Donkor, Microsoft
Brenda Wong, Debut
Jules Lunde, Tribe

Our key takeaways from the event are:

1. Video, video, video….

By 2019 Lucy McHenry from Twitter advised that 82% of internet traffic will be video. Video views have increased on the platform x250 year on year.

2. “If you don’t have a social data analyst, you better be ready to be one to survive 2017”

Ben Donkor of Microsoft, gave us a social intervention. If you are not using social media intelligently then you may as well not bother…Knowing what is working (or not) and how to push forward based on the statistics is essential to making social media work for your business. Just because your business is on social media, it does not instantly mean you are a social brand. Engage, build relationships and learn by looking forward as well as backwards.

3. Citizen Marketing

Jules Lund of Tribe left us inspired. Harnessing the power of social media through genuine product advocates opens up a whole world of unique user generated content. The smaller the ‘Tribe’ the bigger the impact. No one trusts ‘celebrity’ (we use the term very loosely) and their endorsements anymore. You need to tap into your audience, find the influential people and capitalise on their clout.

4. “Act like a team, think like a fan”

To put this into context (if you don’t happen to be Arsenal football club) act like a business and adhere to your core values but make sure that your content is what your followers want. Where compliance allows, show personality and adjust your tone if it’s not building the social rapport that you had hoped.

5. ‘Millenials’ don’t exist.

Brenda from Debut hit the nail on the head. This term encompasses a massively diverse demographic, who at the most basic level want the same things. Use your social data analysis to find out what makes them tick as individuals and use it to create meaningful interactions.

6. Have a Kit Kat….

Well take a break. Adam from The Drum recommends doing something different outside of your “9-5” that challenges you and supports your personal growth as well as taking some well needed time out. Burnout stifles creativity, and no one wants that.

7. Encourage your employees to be your ambassadors.

Be like HSBC. Provide them with guidelines and content to push out to their networks. People connect with people more than brands so use your teams to spread the word.

What have we missed? Other than the first three speakers!

Listening to other experts in the industry at SMLondon Live 2016 has left us feeling buoyant. Here is to 2017.

Oh, and for all our social media clients (current and to be) we never run a social media account without monthly social media data analysis, so you will survive 2017 if you take up the recommendations 🙂