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TFG’s Best Blogs of 2017… based on our audience data.

The 4 best blogs in 2017 by The Typeface Group.

A lot can change in digital marketing over the course of a year. The Typeface Group’s marketing blog brings our views on what’s happening to our clients, friends and business supporters in a friendly and informative manner. We love sharing our insight into the industry and it’s great to see that you enjoy it too. We’ve done a little number crunching and here are our best blogs of 2017 according to you, our lovely readers.

At position number 4 – Tips to increase your organic Facebook reach in 2017

It’s widely known that Facebook regularly moves the goalposts on how to appear in news feeds without putting some money behind it. We discussed this back in 2014 and updated our advice on how to beat the algorithm earlier this year. This became one of our best blogs of the year. This topic is sure to remain a discussion point and we will keep you posted with our expert advice.


Tips to increase your organic Facebook reach in 2017


At number 3 is – Promoting wellbeing in the workplace

Taking care of your mental health in the workplace has been a hot topic this year. Charity Mind found that 1 in 10 employees rated their current mental health as currently poor or very poor. Of these, 26% said this was due to problems at work. So, employers have a responsibility to prevent stress and burnout amongst their employees. At The Typeface Group, this has always been a priority. This best blog shared the team’s advice on how to stay mentally healthy. We hope it provided our readers with some practical tips on handling their own working lives.

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In second position we have –  Social Media Statistics – Value Per User

When it comes to impressing the big boss, social media can usually serve up strong statistics on reach and engagement. But, when you drill down further, this may not actually deliver ROI. This best blog looked at which statistics are worth their weight in gold, which ones should headline a marketing report and how this varies across social media platforms.


Want to know how much your social media audience is worth?


Coming in a well deserved 1st place – 2016 marketing statistics which should get you pumped for 2017

This best blog (as voted by you) provided us with a to-do list for the year ahead. We analysed what had been happening across each social media platform and what had been trending over the last 12 months. We found that video reigned supreme, content was still king and that email is not dead. We also shared our advice on how to make the most of each of these marketing tools. Stay tuned to our blog as we will be doing a similar post in the coming weeks looking ahead to 2018.

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