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On the 21st April 2017, we were proud to be finalists for the UK Blog Awards 2017 in the PR, Communications and Marketing Category. Suitably scrubbed up we made our way to the Westminster Park Plaza and enjoyed the atmosphere, champagne, fairground snacks and photo booth.

The UK Blog Awards 2017.

This year, there were over 2000 entries and nominations, 96000 public votes and 294 hours judging spent on choosing the shortlist and winners for each category. Within each category, there were subcategories of individual bloggers and business blogs and up to 8 finalists in each. This is no mean feat. There was serious competition from household names such as English Heritage (who scooped 2 awards) and Jamie Oliver, as well as up and coming stars. So what happened?

The Result.

We didn’t win. But having listened to what compelled the judges to choose their winners, we understand why.

And so we brush ourselves off… pull our socks up and move on having learned an awful lot.

We also enjoyed the evening’s entertainment, sampled the free bar and tasted each piece of food that went within in an inch of our noses. The event itself was fantastic.

You live and learn.

Having looked at the winners in our category and others there was a clear theme. They either produced daily bite-sized blogs or weekly meatier blogs with authority, whilst we were floating somewhere in between that with twice weekly content.

Therefore. as of this week, we will adjust our blogging schedule to one post a week. No fear, this post will be a cracker and will be rammed full of insight and practical advice. In terms of our focus, as an agency, we are passionate about and specialise in Content and SEM, so it makes sense to reflect this in our blog.

We’ll continue to share all content via our many social media accounts so you don’t miss a thing.

This year The Typeface Group where proud finalist of the UK Blog Awards 2017. Click to read our round-up and takeaways of the night!

Thank you to the TFG team and all the readers of our blog for your support. You rock!

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