Website Basics With Polly Buckland On Business Connections LIVE

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On 31st of January Polly discussed website basics with Steve Hyland on Business Connections LIVE. The live show is available to watch both Facebook and YouTube.

Business Connections LIVE has banked over 200 hours of free business advice, going live every Monday morning at noon.

The website basics feature includes:

  • Google Analytics
  • The importance of a good keyword analysis
  • Blogging
  • User experience

Steve Hyland, host of the interview has said that his key takeaways are:

  • Content and analytics. The two go hand in hand to ensure that the content you are producing is working hard for your website.
  • When looking at analytics, don’t just look for the big numbers. Focus on your bounce rate so you can gauge how many visitors are engaging with your website.
Recorded live, this website basics overview is aimed at SMEs covers the importance of analytics, SEO basics, content and user experience. Click to view.

For us, live video is something new. The engagement is proving to be excellent and with 82% of all internet traffic predicted to be video by 2019 (Twitter 2016) we know we need to get on the bandwagon and what a way to start.

For more free resources on how you can make your website work for you, take a look at our blog. to discuss your website in greater depth call the office on 01256 614 921.

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