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What is Domain Authority & How To Improve It.

Author Natalie Weaving

Author Natalie Weaving

What is Domain Authority (DA)?

DA is a score given to a website based on how well it will rank on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. The score was developed by Moz and is based on the algorithms that search engines use when crawling and ranking your website.

This data is useful, not only for you as a website owner, but also for perspective online linking partners.

But…What is Domain Authority?

Simply put, your DA, and Page Authority (PA is the authority of any given page on your website) can have a positive or negative effect on websites and pages linked to you and vice versa.

The ultimate aim is to increase your DA as this shows that you have kudos in the digital world, your SEO is effective, and you are competitive in your online environment.

The scale on which DA and PA are measured is 1 – 100. To achieve a DA or PA of 100 is near on impossible and is reserved for the likes of online giants like Facebook and Twitter, who have millions upon millions of unique data added to their sites every second. So, as a rule, as long as you are going up you are gaining authority with the search engines.


Top of the pops

Twitter 100
Facebook 100
John Lewis 82 (e-commerce)
Costa 64 (interactive, lots of customer generated content)
Hampshire Life 28 (news feed)

 With that in mind here are some tips to help increase your DA:

What is Domain Authority and how you can improve it - Find out about DA & how to improve yours on our blog.

Check your DA


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