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What is SEO?

Possibly our most common question is ‘what is SEO and what can it do for my business?’. If you don’t know your SEO from your elbow, we can help. Keeping on top of changes, as well as updating your website to ensure it is SEO friendly will help you gain an edge on the competition.

The time is now. Increase organic traffic to your site, read analytical data, learn from visitor behavior… improve and repeat.

It makes sense simple when you know how. It’s certainly measurable. Above all, you can no longer afford to ignore the importance of keyword research, planning, content creation and on page SEO and off-site activities.

Outsource your search engine marketing & content creation today, because you can’t afford not to. 

Any idea how your website stacks up against your competitors?

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What is SEO in today’s climate

Today’s SEO landscape looks very different to yesterday’s and will continue to evolve over time. On this is guaranteed and that is the time invested in your online presence will be key to your ranking on any search engine. 

2017 has already been exciting and exhausting in equal measures when it comes to SEO which is now often referred to as SEM – Search Engine Marketing. Many updates, some confirmed and some speculated as well as a larger core algorithm adjustments have meant that the role of a SEM/SEO consultant demands several areas of focus.

With over 200 ranking factors to take into account, having an in-depth knowledge of your SEO position and required actions is vital. For those businesses that are completing their search engine marketing and optimisation activities in-house, you need to make sure that you are up to date with what is required to get results.

These include, but aren’t confined to:

Luckily, at The Typeface Group, we have specialists in all these fields under one roof. With this in mind, we now offer three levels of SEO/SEM support for your business, giving you a choice regarding activity and budget.

Since engaging The Typeface Group to manage our SEO requirement, there has been a substantial increase in traffic to our website which has converted to sales. In the first month alone our visits increased by 85.16% with 674 visitors looking at more than 2700 pages. The bounce rate was significantly lower and we REALLY enjoyed a 94% increase in visits to our contact page (compared with the previous month). The optimised blog posts are engaging and professionally written and we are delighted with the service and results.

Matthew Ripton

Owner, Ripton Windows & Conservatories

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