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We are going for a hat-trick of awards as Natalie has been announced as a finalist for a Women In Business award.

The Typeface Group was established in 2012 whilst Natalie was on maternity leave and Managing Director Polly was planning her second. The objective was to give them the freedom to work and bring up their children. 18 months into their business, The Typeface Group won their first award based on their unique business model. Fast forward three years and their innovative working model is still being recognised by becoming a Finalist in the Women In Business awards.

The model is simple. It allows Polly and Natalie, as well as the staff, to grow the business and bring up their family. Polly explains:

‘Since 2012 we have expanded our network of skilful women that want to be able to achieve that holy grail of a ‘work-family life’ balance.’

 A recent report on women in business states:

“One in five mothers said they experienced harassment or negative comments related to pregnancy or flexible working from their employer/colleagues”. Pregnancy and Maternity-Related Discrimination and Disadvantage.

For 2016 this type of discrimination is unacceptable. It also proves that The Typeface Group’s principle of offering a working environment that supports women with children, or those that might want them in the future, is pioneering.

Natalie explains:

‘The model is quite simple. We offer flexible working terms and set realistic deadlines for project work with our clients. This is to ensure no undue pressure is placed on our employees or freelancers. It is safe to say that it works and all our clients expectations are exceeded.’

she continues,

‘Although we may be unorthodox in our ways we empower our employees and freelancers by offering training. We also have an ‘open office’ policy. You will often find the office full. Our freelancers come in every chance they get for the office buzz. We are blessed that people want to work for us and with us and this reflects on to our clients.’

With that said The Typeface Group doesn’t only work with mothers and women. They also work with an equal number of male freelancers. Their promise is to continue with honesty, transparency and flexibility which supports all parents and parents-to-be in the workplace.

Focusing on the future:

In the short term, TFG is looking forward to attending the glittering ‘Women In Business’ award ceremony on the 15th of September where they hope that they can add another one to their trophy cabinet.

‘Just being a finalist is a great recognition for the business. It is an ethos that I hold dear to my heart. Employers need to realise that to keep excellent staff motivated and invested, that you have to step away from the traditional working models’. – Natalie Weaving – Women In Business: Champion of Change, Finalist.

Looking at the long term. You will have to just watch to see what happens, but they know one thing, the future is looking bright.

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We are going for a hat-trick of awards as Natalie has been announced as a finalist for a Women In Business award. Click to find out more.

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