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WordPress Security is of prime significance to our business.

If your business’ site falls victim to a spam and/or hacker attack, it can be extremely costly to repair (up to the cost of a total rebuild) and will invariably see your site taken offline for several days if not weeks. If you own a WordPress site but are unsure of how to keep it backed up & super secure, don’t worry. We have created a WordPress Security Package that covers all bases.

Our WordPress Security & Back-Up packages give website owners peace of mind!

User accounts

Create a new ‘admin’ name<

User login

Re-encryption of your site password
Enable login lockdown
Allow unlock requests – Set parameters
Maximum log in attempts (eg. 3)
Login retry time period (eg. 5 mins)
Time length of log out (eg. 60 mins)
Add email address to send notification

Back-up, Updates & Security Scanning Integration ensuring your site remains free of malware and other harmful viruses
Regular back-ups, stored securely in a password protected Dropbox (cloud) account
WordPress security updates, as soon as they are available (can be up to six times a year)
Update all site plugins as and when they are available

User registration

Enable manual approval of new user registrations (if necessary)

File editing

Disable ability to edit PHP files

WP File & database access

Prevent access to WP default install files
Adjust your WordPress database table prefix to deter hackers


Add firewall protection
WordPress pingback vulnerability protection
Block access to Debug log file
Block debug log

Brute force

Enable rename login page feature
Login Page URL
Enter a string which will represent your secure log in page. Choose only what you will remember).

Spam Settings

Block SPAM comments using AKIMET which fights the latest and dirtiest tactics embraced by the world’s most proficient spammers. It also means that you will no longer receive those annoying SPAM emails on a daily basis
Add Captcha comment


File change detection
Perform a scan
Set how often to scan
Set files to ignore
Enter email address to send notification to.

Secure your WordPress site for Just £50 plus VAT per month. OR pay for a whole year & get 2 months free

If you own a WordPress site but are unsure of how to keep it backed up & secure, don't we've created a WordPress Security package that covers all bases.

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