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How many touchpoints does a customer need before they buy?

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Back in the day, the rule of thumb was that customers needed up to nine brand touchpoints before buying a product or service!  Customer touchpoints could be all manner of marketing and sales tools. From a phone call to an email, a TV advert, to a leaflet, it didn’t matter as long as the potential… Continue reading How many touchpoints does a customer need before they buy?

ASR and Accessibility Requirements

As you know, we’ve previously touched on the importance of making your marketing more accessible including how and why to do this. Today we’ll look specifically at how you can make the content you put out, either on your site or socials, accessible for all using video captioning. We’re looking at you, pre-recorded video Did… Continue reading ASR and Accessibility Requirements

Protecting your site with reCAPTCHA

SPAM, no one likes it in any form, but especially when it ends up in your inbox or, worse, clogging up the comment section on your blog. Today, we discuss the need to protect your site from SPAM and the harm that can be done if you choose not to.  What’s the harm of a… Continue reading Protecting your site with reCAPTCHA