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Founded in 2013, we’ve gone from a full-service agency to where we are today. Our history makes us better at what we do, allows us to think laterally and also means our little black book is bursting.
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People with purpose

The below appointments and affiliations, put us in a positive and inclusive position within the local community.

Headshot of Polly Buckland, MD at Basingstoke Marketing Agency The Typeface Group where you can find an extension to your marketing team

Polly Buckland

Owner & Founder

Polly sat on the client side in a marketing manager role at BMW (UK) Ltd before founding TFG in 2010. She’s an ideas person, blending creativity and commercial awareness to get the best outcomes for our clients.

“I’ve worked with Polly on a number of projects. Her knowledge, expertise and passion for the project and client are second to none.”


Natalie Welch Co Founder of The Typeface Group sitting on a chair and leaning on a wooden desk.

Natalie Welch

Owner & Founder

Natalie uses a mixture of data and creativity to support clients be discovered online by their target audience through content that is relevant and has a purpose. 

“Ridiculously smart is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Natalie, not only in her understanding but how she is able to turn a problem into a solution. She is also very supportive and open, there’s no hidden agenda at play. “

Photo of Victoria Keyworth sitting in the grounds of Basingstoke Marketing Agency The Typeface Group office smiling.

Victoria Keyworth

Marketing Manager

Victoria has a significant agency background working for a wide variety of brands; from international retailers and tech giants, to UK charities and local festivals. Providing on and offline strategy, copy, social coverage and creative support. Victoria’s holistic approach ensures that your brand voice won’t get lost in the noise, putting your message in front of the right audience in a way that is authentically you.

alice fowler

Alice Fowler

SEO Lead

Alice spent eight years implementing SEO in-house before bringing her expertise to the agency environment. She loves guiding brands through the ever-changing world of SEO and working to improve their online presence in a sustainable and organic way.

Georgia Masters

Georgia Masters


Georgia has built up a breadth of design experience over the last five years, spanning national retail to global corporate clients. A real creative thinker Georgia consistently delivers branding, print and digital design projects to the highest standard.

More hands on deck

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Becky Attwood laughing with the team at The Typeface Group vision day

Our 2023/2024 impact report

Life has been a bit of a rollercoaster but we’ve held strong to our mission and are really proud of the impact we continue to make. There is much work to be done but we move! We hope you enjoy our 2023/24 impact report.