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Our 2023/2024 impact report

Life has been a bit of a rollercoaster but we’ve held strong to our mission and are really proud of the impact we continue to make. There is much work to be done but we move! We hope you enjoy our 2023/24 impact report.

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Whoop, now that’s progress. Introducing our 2022/23 Impact Report, where we share the meaningful progress we’ve made over the last year.

The Typeface Group Mission

We reduce digital waste at all costs, untangling confused comms to find consistency and fuel growth.

Take Ownership
Ownership goes beyond task completion; it encompasses taking the initiative
to fix what’s broken, to bring solutions, not just problems. We believe in a
collective commitment to owning our learning and growth, continuously seeking
opportunities for self-improvement.

Be Clear
When everyone is unequivocally clear on their objectives, responsibilities and
processes, we can become incredibly efficient and conserve precious energy,
freeing up creative time and reducing stress.

Good Vibes
We are responsible for finding the balance that allows us to show up with positive
energy. We model and encourage self-care and acknowledge the difficult times.
Let’s play to our strengths and recognise vulnerabilities so we can do something
about it.

Be Curious
Seek opportunities, be curious, and prioritise learning. Be commercially aware and
understand the bigger picture for the business, the industry, and our customers.
This value encourages everyone to seek opportunities, to be curious and unafraid
to try new things.

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Months in the making, we’ve certainly learnt a lot putting our first impact report together. We’re already working on 2022/23 and are committed to continuous improvement.

Mock up of The Typeface Group's BCorp Impact Report