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Read our 2022/2023 Impact Report

Whoop, now that’s progress. Introducing our 2022/23 Impact Report, where we share the meaningful progress we’ve made over the last year.

bcorp impact report

The Typeface Group Mission

Our mission is clear and strong: we’re here to help our clients and partners make the most out of their marketing efforts while minimising wastage. We achieve this by creating well-crafted, effective communications that deliver results and ensuring our client’s websites are user-friendly and environmentally responsible.

Our approach is simple yet effective. We work closely with our clients, offering flexible and comprehensive communication and SEO services that produce tangible outcomes. Our commitment is rooted in practicality and excellence.

Ultimately, our mission is grounded in confidence and purpose. We’re dedicated to navigating marketing and sustainability, driven by our unwavering commitment to helping our clients succeed.


Flexibility is at the core of our culture. We are anti-prescriptive with our clients taking a flexible approach to our planning, billing, and operational practices.


Our account and project management is 100% transparent. Our chosen Project Management software is easy to use and presents a vision of where we are at any given point, Accessible from any device 24/7.


We employ targets for employee and customer satisfaction and have written targets for reducing our impact on the environment.

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Months in the making, we’ve certainly learnt a lot putting our first impact report together. We’re already working on 2022/23 and are committed to continuous improvement.

Mock up of The Typeface Group's BCorp Impact Report