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CoFlow Supports 10 Degrees Web Development Agency in Recruitment Dilemmas

10 Degrees, a growing web development agency, faced a recurring challenge in recruiting the right talent. While they were seeking skilled individuals, they were equally committed to preserving their unique work culture and emphasising the collaborative spirit within the team. They reached out to The Typeface Group, after seeing their new offering, CoFlow, to devise a marketing strategy that would allow them to attract top talent while giving candidates a genuine glimpse into the 10 Degrees experience.

The Challenge Faced by 10 Degrees:

Recruiting top-tier web developers with experience in the areas they needed. They needed assistance with the marketing of job vacancies, to help stand out in a crowded market.
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The CoFlow Approach:

CoFlow took a comprehensive approach to address 10 Degrees’ recruitment dilemma by interviewing two of the senior members of the team and finding out from the team’s mouths what it was actually like to work there.

By showcasing the team, giving potential candidates a real sense of the team dynamics, and allowing TFG and 10 Degrees to create engaging content, tweak their current careers page messaging and more importantly highlighted the people behind the projects.

This content would be used as employee spotlight videos, blog posts featuring employee stories, and social media updates showcasing the team’s work and achievements.

Results Achieved

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Quality Candidates

By clearly communicating their culture and team dynamics, 10 Degrees attracted a higher calibre of candidates who were skilled and excited about the company’s vision and values.

Positive Brand Image

Through the content created, 10 Degrees projected a positive and inclusive brand image, attracting job seekers and positioning the company as an employer of choice within the industry.

Enhanced Team Spirit

The process of showcasing the team brought the existing team members closer, reinforcing a sense of unity and shared purpose.
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“We approached TFG to assist with the marketing of our job vacancies, to help stand out in a crowded market. For the investment of one-hour of my team’s time, they produced multiple video and social media posts that were both specific to these roles and generic enough for long-term evergreen career-content. I highly recommend to anyone with recruitment needs.”

10 Degrees

Effectively communicate intangible aspects

In conclusion, by carrying out a CoFlow for recruitment, 10 Degrees were able to try something different to attract top talent while maintaining their unique culture and team dynamics.

This case highlights the importance of aligning recruitment efforts with company values and effectively communicating the intangible aspects that make an organisation a great workplace.

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