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Revolutionising Recruitment for 10 Degrees Web Development Agency with fresh comms

Client: 10 Degrees
Industry: Marketing Services Provided: Content

10 Degrees, a well-established web development agency, faced a recurring challenge in recruiting top-tier web developers while maintaining the unique collaborative culture that defined their identity. Striving for skilled individuals who resonated with their values, they sought The Typeface Group’s expertise, leveraging their new offering, CoFlow, to tackle the recruitment dilemma.

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Measuring the impact

The CoFlow strategy yielded remarkable results:

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Quality Candidates

By transparently communicating the culture and team dynamics, 10 Degrees attracted a higher caliber of candidates who were not only skilled but also aligned with the company’s vision and values.

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Positive Brand Image

The content created projected a positive and inclusive brand image for 10 Degrees, positioning the company as an employer of choice within the industry. This led to increased interest from job seekers.

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Team Spirit

The process of showcasing the team heightened a sense of unity and shared purpose among existing team members, reinforcing and enhancing the collaborative vibes at 10 Degrees.


Getting the whole team involved.

Recruiting skilled web developers with a focus on preserving the unique work culture and collaborative spirit within the team. The challenge was to stand out in a competitive market and effectively market job vacancies.

We interviewed two senior members of the 10 Degrees team, gaining valuable insights into the company culture, team dynamics, and the unique aspects that made 10 Degrees an exceptional workplace.

Using the insights gathered, we created engaging content, including employee spotlight videos, blog posts featuring personal stories, and social media updates highlighting the team’s work and achievements.

The content was strategically used to enhance 10 Degrees’ careers page messaging, providing potential candidates with an authentic glimpse into the company culture and the people driving its success.

"We approached TFG to assist with the marketing of our job vacancies, to help stand out in a crowded market. For the investment of one-hour of my team's time, they produced multiple video and social media posts that were both specific to these roles and generic enough for long-term evergreen career-content. I highly recommend to anyone with recruitment needs.”

10 degrees

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To wrap it all up

making recruitment more human

By humanising the recruitment process, 10 Degrees successfully attracted skilled professionals who not only met their technical requirements but also matched with the company’s culture. The collaborative efforts of TFG x 10 Degrees has positioned the agency as a standout employer and suppors continued growth in the competitive web development industry.