Distributing Your Impact Report

I read on LinkedIn the other day that for every hour you spend creating content, you should set aside the same amount of time to distribute it.

With that in mind, how long did it take to produce your last impact report?

For some, impact/sustainability reporting is a legal requirement; for others, a B Corp obligation, and for many, a venture to hold their business accountable as they commit to being better and reducing negative impact. Whatever your motivation, getting eyes on your report should be a priority.

The bottom line is that a tonne of studies point to the fact that there’s a huge and engaged audience for this stuff.

B2B and B2C decision-makers increasingly focus their purchasing power on sustainable and ethical businesses. Nielsen reports that 66% of global consumers are willing to pay a premium for products that are gentle on the planet. Read more of the why in this article.

So, if you don’t amplify the work once the ink is dry on your report, let’s call it a waste of time, energy, and budget.

bcorp impact report

Practical considerationsfor distributing your impact report

The end goal is to get your hard work out there and demonstrate your commitment to sustainable, responsible business. And like we said, there’s a huge audience hungry for this kind of information; we personally love checking out other businesses reports.

If you find the above overwhelming, or you just want to discuss impact reporting in general – from storytelling to design and distribution – you can book a no-obligation meeting here.

Want an editable checklist?

Give your report the time it deserves & really think through a thoughtful distribution strategy – strengthening customer relationships, attracting new business, and boosting your brand’s authority, are all pretty amazing payoffs for that bit of extra effort. Trust us, your impact report is too good not to share far and wide (we might not have seen it, but we believe in you!)

If you’re ready to get started, we’ve dropped the list into a Google Sheet for you to manipulate (just create a copy) to help focus your impact report distribution: