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Elnur UK's Soaring Success - The Typeface Group's Impact on Messaging and Campaign Delivery

Client: Elnur UK
Industry: Electric Heating Products Services Provided: Messaging Support, PR, Comms Consultancy

Elnur UK, a distinguished manufacturer of electric heating products with a global presence spanning over 40 years and products sold in 35 countries, sought to revitalise its communication strategies and amplify its growth initiatives. The Typeface Group collaborated with Elnur’s in-house team, extending marketing resources to support a targeted growth program.

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Measuring the impact

The impact of The Typeface Group’s collaboration with Elnur UK was substantial, evident in the following key results
(3 months post-project versus prior three months):

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Raising awareness

 A remarkable 67.82% increase in organic traffic was achieved, indicating a heightened awareness of Elnur’s brand and products.

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More engagement

Social referrals to the website experienced a significant uptick of 69.15%, showcasing improved engagement through social media channels.

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Customer growth

The product calculator witnessed a substantial 39.08% increase in usage, reflecting growth in customer engagement and interest.

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More conversions

The campaign demonstrated real results with ten new user conversions, illustrating the effectiveness of the refined messaging and optimised marketing efforts.


Finding clarity, consistency and cohesion

Elnur UK faced challenges clarifying internal and external communications, ensuring cohesive messaging across various channels, and focusing its marketing efforts to fuel a specific growth program. The objective was not only to raise awareness but also to enhance engagement and drive customer growth.

A comprehensive messaging workshop was conducted to refine and clarify Elnur’s core messages within a fast-moving marketplace.

The social media landscape was analysed, leading to strategic recommendations for improving Elnur’s social presence. This included refining content, improving engagement strategies, and maximising the impact of social channels.

The Typeface Group employed social listening techniques to understand market sentiment and tailor Elnur’s messaging to resonate with the audience’s needs and expectations.

The Typeface Group provided PR support, including media list creation, press release, editorial copy and media liaison.

"Working with Polly and the team is great as they’re extremely insightful, driven and have helped provide us with clear support in understanding our audience better. They have helped in honing our key messages across multiple platforms and to support in pushing these out to the relevant industry stakeholders. Excellent teamwork."


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To wrap it all up

...providing practical, flexible support

The Typeface Group’s practical support clarified Elnur UK’s communications and amplified their campaign delivery, increasing awareness, engagement, and customer growth. 

The collaborative effort improved the effectiveness of existing initiatives and positioned Elnur UK for sustained success in a rapidly evolving industry.