The Typeface Group are Honoured with Environmental Responsibility Award for their Clear Sustainable Business Strategy

The Typeface Group, a Hampshire-based BCorp communications agency and design studio, is thrilled to announce their recent win of the Environmental Responsibility Award, at The Anvil in Basingstoke, on July 13th.

The prestigious Inspire awards ceremony, hosted by Jordan Wiley MBE, recognised The Typeface Group’s clear and sustainable business strategy that encompasses environmental considerations and supports purpose-driven clients.

As a BCorp-certified company, The Typeface Group is committed to providing the best services to their clients while prioritising the planet. They have taken significant steps to reduce their environmental impact and promote sustainability in the clean energy, housing, and construction sectors. The agency simplifies complex communications, offers flexible marketing support, and empowers purpose-driven businesses to achieve their goals.

With a mission to reduce marketing waste and Scope 3 emissions while improving ROI for their clients, The Typeface Group integrates technical and on-page SEO, conscious communications, and high-quality design. They strive to create awareness about the digital carbon footprint and data centres’ impact on greenhouse gas emissions. The Typeface Group aims to contribute to a greener future by guiding businesses in measuring and optimising their carbon footprint.

Polly Buckland and Natalie Welch lead the all-women workforce with a solid commitment to responsible marketing solutions and a flexible working environment. They prioritise work-life balance and advocate for equality in the workplace, allowing their team members to thrive professionally and personally.

The agency measures its impact and continuously improves its sustainable business strategy using the BCorp Impact Assessment as a guiding framework. They actively engage with the local community, participate in green initiatives, and support charitable causes. Their efforts extend beyond their business practices as they encourage their clients and stakeholders to adopt environmentally conscious approaches.

The Typeface Group’s dedication to reducing its carbon footprint and supporting purpose-driven businesses is evident in its recent achievements. By delivering carbon-conscious websites, optimising content strategies, and providing SEO services that reduce Scope 3 emissions, they have helped clients achieve their sustainability goals while improving marketing ROI.

“We are honoured to receive the Environmental Responsibility Award, which recognises our commitment to sustainability and responsible business practices. We believe in the power of conscious communication and design to positively impact the environment and society.” – Polly Buckland, Managing Director of The Typeface Group.

The Typeface Group will continue to promote sustainable initiatives and advocate for the broader green economy. They have exciting plans, including running their next Digital Clean-Up Day Challenge in September, participating in the Sustainability Expo, and releasing an events ebook focused on making in-person events more sustainable.

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