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Fueling Success: How The Typeface Group Ignited Bisviridi's Online Presence with SEO and Web Development

Client: Bisviridi
Industry: Environmental Services Services Provided: Website Development, Web Copy, SEO

Bisviridi is a pioneering company, offering a patented anaerobic digestion oil separation solution. They sought to establish a solid online presence and create awareness for their innovative technology, which had no direct competitors in the market.

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Measuring the impact

The impact of the repositioning strategy was evident within the first six weeks:

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Featured snippet

Within the first month of the website’s launch, Bisviridi’s website secured a featured snippet for relevant search queries, which significantly enhanced its visibility and credibility

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Number 1 ranking

The SEO strategy implemented by The Typeface Group helped Bisviridi achieve the number one ranking for the keywords “oil separation anaerobic digestion” and “Bisviridi” within a matter of weeks from launch. This accomplishment established their online authority and leadership in the field.

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Enhanced Credibility

With a professional and informative website, Bisviridi gained credibility within its industry and now has an online presence from which to grow awareness and field enquiries.


Why is a featured snippet so damn important?

If Google selects your site for a featured snippet, it thinks you are a trustworthy source of information. This can often be used as a temperature check on rankings. If you lose previously-owned featured snippets, you may, in turn, find ranking drops as Google has decided you aren’t as trustworthy as other sources out there.

Even if a user sees your featured snippet and doesn’t click through to the site (so-called zero-click searches), they can still see your site and brand. If this leads to other queries in the same area, they may be more likely to think of you or click through to you if they recognise the brand.

Depending on the query, organic traffic increases are, of course, a significant benefit. If you gain the featured snippet, you appear at the highest spot in the SERP. If it’s a click-worthy topic, you’ll get more traffic from your snippet. It’s more appealing than a simple site link so that you may see better CTRs. 


An impactful intro

Bisviridi faced several challenges when they approached The Typeface Group. They needed to develop a website that effectively communicated the unique aspects of their technology. Additionally, they required web copy that could generate interest and trust in a product that had no existing market presence. The challenge was to craft SEO-optimised content for a concept that was groundbreaking and uncontested in the industry.

The team began by conducting an in-depth keyword analysis. While there were no direct competitors for Bisviridi’s technology, the analysis allowed them to identify relevant keywords and phrases related to anaerobic digestion, and oil separation.

The Typeface Group designed and developed a user-friendly, visually appealing website for Bisviridi. The website was structured to explain the benefits and applications of their patented technology clearly.

The next step involved creating web copy that was informative, engaging, and SEO-optimised. The content was tailored to educate visitors about Bisviridi’s groundbreaking anaerobic digestion oil separation solution.

Focusing on unique keywords, The Typeface Group developed an SEO strategy to increase Bisviridi’s online visibility. This included optimising meta tags, headers, and on-page content with targeted keywords.

The Typeface Group exceeded our expectations in creating a website for our groundbreaking technology within a relatively short timeframe. Their expert team seamlessly blended design, writing, optimisation and project management, resulting in a site we're truly proud of. Despite the technical complexity and niche market, they delivered exceptional work, resulting in rankings for key phrases already. I highly recommend their services. Outstanding job!


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To wrap it all up

...established as an innovator

The Typeface Group’s work for Bisviridi showcased its expertise in tackling unique communications challenges in the digital space. By effectively developing a website, crafting SEO-optimized content, and implementing a robust strategy, Bisviridi successfully established itself as an innovator in the industry. Their newfound online visibility and credibility have opened doors to new opportunities for output diversification and sustainable fuel production.