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Farleigh Wallop Estate - Elevating Web Presence.

Client: Farleigh Wallop Estate
Industry: Estate Management and Events Services Provided: UX, SEO, Photography + Content

Nestled in the idyllic Hampshire countryside, Farleigh Wallop Estate sought The Typeface Group’s expertise to revitalise its website, enhance design aesthetics, improve search engine visibility, and align its digital presence with its commitment to sustainability.

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Measuring the impact

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Organic Uplift

The estate witnessed a remarkable surge in organic traffic post-launch, with new users from organic sources increasing by an impressive 151% in the last two months compared to the previous period.

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Sustainable Steps

The website’s carbon footprint of 0.40 g of CO2 per page view positions it as cleaner than 58% of web pages tested, aligning with the client’s commitment to sustainability.

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Super Usable

The revamped website facilitated easy publication of new services and estate news, enhancing usability for the Farleigh Wallop Estate team.


Making the site usable.

The team’s greatest challenge with their old site was being empowered to make changes and use it to support the Estate message and initiatives.

We worked with the FWE team to create high-quality, engaging content describing the estate’s offerings, amenities, and news to connect with potential visitors.

We optimised each page with relevant keywords and meta tags, implementing technical SEO best practices to boost visibility on search engines.

Crafted an energy-efficient website, maintaining the client’s commitment to sustainability. The development approach resulted in a low carbon footprint of just 0.40 g of CO2 per page view.

Conducted on-site photography to capture the estate’s picturesque landscapes, accommodations, and recreational facilities, showcasing the beauty of Farleigh Wallop.

We worked with TFG to update our out of date website and improve searchability as our offering into leisure and events broadened.The team are brilliant, approachable and nothing is too much hassle. When we couldn't work something out an Account Manager was on hand to make and send us a video with instructions, a real time saver. Couldn't recommend them more!


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To wrap it all up

Scalable + Sustainable

The transformation of Farleigh Wallop Estate’s website resulted in substantial growth in organic traffic, showcasing the impact of The Typeface Group’s comprehensive SEO strategy. The commitment to sustainability aligned with the client’s values and significantly reduced the website’s carbon footprint, surpassing industry benchmarks.