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Farleigh Wallop Estate Website Transformation

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Farleigh Wallop Estate, an idyllic Hampshire countryside estate, approached us to revamp its website, update the design, boost its search engine visibility, and ensure its alignment with sustainability values.

What we delivered

High-quality, engaging content was curated to describe the estate’s offerings, amenities, and news, connecting with potential visitors and maintaining interest.

Our SEO experts meticulously optimised each page, incorporating relevant keywords and meta tags and implementing technical SEO best practices to enhance the website’s visibility on search engines.

Creating an energy-efficient website upholds the client’s commitment to sustainability. Our development approach led to a low carbon footprint of just 0.40 g of CO2 per page view.

We conducted on-site photography to capture the estate’s picturesque landscapes, stunning accommodations, and recreational facilities, showcasing the beauty of Farleigh Wallop.

To establish a personal connection, we captured candid photographs of the estate staff, reflecting their warmth and dedication to guest satisfaction.

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Organic Traffic Uplift:

Farleigh Wallop Estate’s organic traffic witnessed a remarkable surge post-launch. New users from organic sources increased by an impressive 151% in the last two months compared to the previous period.

Sustainability Achievement:

The website’s carbon footprint is calculated at 0.40 g of CO2 per page view. This exceptional performance positions the Farleigh Wallop Estate website as cleaner than 58% of web pages tested using a carbon calculator.

Enhanced Usability:

The revamped website has helped the Farleigh Wallop Estate team publish new services and estate news easily.


The Farleigh Wallop Estate website transformation resulted in substantial growth in organic traffic, demonstrating the impact of our comprehensive SEO strategy. While our commitment to sustainability not only aligned with the client’s values and significantly minimised the website’s carbon footprint. 

The website’s enhanced usability empowers the estate team to effortlessly share their offerings and news, furthering their engagement with visitors. The website has achieved outstanding outcomes through strategic design, SEO, and sustainability focus.

Website carbon footprint for Farleigh Wallop Estate showing their website is cleaner that 58% of other websites.