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Dazzle & Fizz website + content project

Design Studio | Marketing | SEO

Dazzle & Fizz is a creative event studio, specialising in meaningful, inclusive and creative live and digital experiences.

What we delivered

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Giving people what they want

Conversion from organic + 242.9%

Getting people to the right place

Visits to ‘luxury bespoke events’ + 112.5%

Increased awareness

Organic (new users) + 26.3%

Giving them what they want

Engaged sessions + 18.65%

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Significant carbon reduction

Streamlining content, updating keywords to the new business position and reducing page weight through rebuilding and core vital update best practices has meant a reduction in carbon per (home) page view by over half. 

Based on 2022 traffic, year on year 13kg of carbon will be saved through the rebuild. That’s the same amount of carbon emitted by a TV left on standby over a while year!*
*Compare your footprint

Image of the website carbon calculator results after TFG have worked on it - this website is now cleaner that 78% of web page tested