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Smarter Services' Post-Acquisition Repositioning with The Typeface Group

Client: Smarter Services
Industry: Facilities Management
Services Provided: Messaging, Website Copy, SEO

After a recent acquisition, Smarter Services, a leading facilities management company, recognised the need for a strategic repositioning to clarify its key services and introduce additional capabilities. They engaged The Typeface Group to revamp their messaging and website copy and implement a targeted SEO strategy to communicate their expanded service offerings effectively.

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Measuring the impact

The impact of the repositioning strategy was evident within the first six weeks:

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User engagement

A remarkable 30% increase in user engagement indicates that the clarified messaging resonates with the target audience.​

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Organic traffic

Smarter Services experienced a 13% boost in organic traffic, demonstrating the effectiveness of the SEO strategy in improving online visibility.

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Audience Engagement

Engagement, clicks, downloads, calls, and form fills have seen an impressive 50% increase, showcasing heightened user interaction.

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Social Amplification

The messaging was successfully extended to social media channels, resulting in a 60% increase in web traffic acquisition from organic social sources.


Making sure the message matches the vision.

Smarter Services faced the challenge of articulating its enhanced capabilities post-acquisition and ensuring its messaging resonated with existing and potential clients. The goal was to create a seamless transition that clarified their core services and highlighted the new services they could offer within a new sector.

The team thoroughly analysed the nuances of Smarter Services’ expanded offerings. They crafted a messaging document that clarified the existing services and effectively communicated the additional capabilities.

The Typeface Group revamped the website copy to align with the new messaging. Clear and concise content was created to guide users through the services offered and the value they bring to various industries.

An SEO strategy was implemented to ensure that the revamped messaging and website content were engaging and highly discoverable by search engines. This included optimising key pages for relevant industry keywords.

"So far, we’ve managed to get some great content out with no feedback or changes required from me. Early results are in, engagement on LinkedIn is up, and organic traffic to our website is too."

IAN WHITTINGHAM, Director, smarter services

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To wrap it all up

...effectiveness in enhancing user engagement and driving organic traffic.

The Typeface Group’s strategic repositioning has clarified Smarter Services’ messaging and set the stage for post-acquisition success. The straightforward user journey, including new industries and core services, has positioned Smarter Services as a versatile facility management player.