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Incredible Content & SEO ROI for TreatBox's Shopify shopfront

Client: TreatBox UK
Industry: Gift Box Retail Services Provided: Ongoing SEO Support, SEO Copywriting, Content Strategy, Content Audit

Treatbox is an independent UK business that delivers letterbox gifts, with a selection of made-for-you and build-your-own options.

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Measuring the impact

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Record-Breaking Performance

 TreatBox experienced its best Christmas and most successful start to the year in January and February 2024. Mother’s Day sales surpassed even their Christmas takings in a jaw-dropping start to the year. Sales from organic search resulted in a staggering 1657% ROI on our SEO service fee!

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Keyword Expansion

Over the past 12 months, TreatBox doubled the keywords they rank for, showcasing substantial growth in online visibility and reach.

December 2023: 4303 ranking keywords
December 2022: 2153 ranking keywords

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Sustainable SEO Growth

We’re proud to say that the above results were achieved without resorting to aggressive or costly link-building strategies; this spotlights the effectiveness of our sustainable approach to SEO.


Growing strong and healthy

TreatBox is on an exciting growth trajectory, but that isn’t by chance. Zoe and the team are dedicated to growing in the right way, improving customer journeys, and producing high-quality content. They’ve engaged the right people in the right places to grow strong and healthy.

TFG ran a comprehensive content audit to review, remove, and improve existing content, keeping an eye on TreatBox’s brand identity and messaging.
We run a rolling SEO strategy to continually improve Treatbox’s website for improved search engine rankings and visibility.
Collaborating with TreatBox’s development agency, we lead the SEO aspect of website improvements focused on refining the buying process. These enhancements aim to enhance user experience and streamline customers’ purchasing journeys.

To wrap it all up

We’re contributing to sustained growth and that’s an exciting place to be

The Typeface Group’s partnership with TreatBox produces awesome results, with record-breaking sales and significant improvements in online visibility and keyword rankings.

We’re strategic in our approach to SEO and content, reusing and repurposing where we can, constantly clearing down and enriching as we go. We’re in a position where we’re contributing to sustained growth and that’s an exciting place to be.