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Engaging Stakeholders with on brand GRI Report Design by The Typeface Group

Client: Smarter Services
Industry: Facilities Management Services Provided: GRI Report Design

Smarter Services, a leading Facilities Management business operating in London and the South, embarked on a pioneering journey to deliver gold-standard sustainability reporting through the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). Inspired by their Non-Executive Director, Kye’s vision to communicate their environmental, social, governance, and economic impacts transparently, they engaged TEM, who produced the report and partnered with The Typeface Group to design it for print.

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The why

“In regards to Smarter Services Limited and the Global Reporting Initiative,” states Kye, Chairman of Smarter Services, “the task is to develop a business case. And if our emerging governance structure approves its recommendations, to be the first in the sector to deliver gold-standard sustainability reporting to our stakeholders across the environment, social, governance, and economic impacts and targets of the business.”


Measuring the impact

The collaboration between Smarter Services, The Typeface Group, and sustainability consultants resulted in the creation of a compelling and compliant GRI report:

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On-Brand Design

The Typeface Group ensured that the GRI report reflected Smarter Services’ brand identity, maintaining consistency across all visual elements and design choices.

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Comprehensive Data Presentation

The GRI report presented complex sustainability metrics and targets in an accessible and understandable format for stakeholders through effective data visualisation techniques.

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Stakeholder Engagement:

The GRI report’s visually appealing and informative nature facilitated increased stakeholder engagement and understanding of Smarter Services’ sustainability initiatives and goals.

“Another great piece of work by Polly and the Team at The Typeface Group. We now have an engaging and vibrant document to publish across our networks.”

Ian Whittingham, COO, Smarter Services

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To wrap it all up

...comprehensive sustainability reporting

The Typeface Group’s expertise in design and data visualisation, combined with the experience of TEM in compiling the report, has supported Smarter Services to take a significant step towards transparent and comprehensive sustainability reporting. We will further support our clients in distributing their report to maximise stakeholder engagement.