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The Importance of Blogging

Polly Buckland
Polly Buckland

To stay seen, trusted, and up to date, you need to be adding regular, authoritative content to your website. 

Having an up to date blog/archive/content repository is essential for B2B businesses because: 

  • It’s a perfect opportunity to show your thought leadership.
  • You can share industry insights to prove your understanding as an authority in your space.
  • Show potential investors and partners that you’re current, operational and expert.
  • Provide your social team with authentic, signed off and on-brand content for sharing to your social channels – that links back to your website.
  • Attract clients and talent by showing your personality online.
  • Enrich core product or service pages with ‘read more’ opportunities. 

The importance of blogging

Blogging should be an essential part of your content marketing strategy, and this is why. 

“B2B buyers consume an average of 13 content pieces before deciding on a vendor.”


Note: This is not carte blanche to be prescriptive. Don’t churn out bland content for the sake of it. Our advice is not to put a number on it; the four blogs a month trap will lead you down a dull and winding road of sub-bar unimaginative copy – your clients will feel it, you’ll lose focus and energy.

Looking for inspiration?

If you have to force it, don’t write it. 

Once you broaden your horizons, you should see more opportunities. 


  • RFP – Are you constantly answering the same questions in tenders? If it’s not confidential, do you answer these questions front & centre on your site?
  • Case Studies
  • White Papers and technical documents
  • Podcast write up & link
  • Vlog write up & link
  • Webinar write up with re-run link
  • Re-writing previously well-received but outdated content

Narrow it down/prioritise by:

  • Look at what’s doing well on your site, and the keywords people are using to find you. Can you create content to support that?
  • Do some keyword research seek out specific search terms in your industry that are on the rise. 


Lift someone else’s content even if you have permission. 

Neglecting your blog will give the impression that you have nothing distinctive to show for your products/services, resulting in a reluctance from the customer to place their trust in you. This is also the same for search engines. The E-A-T principle is a crucial SEO element.

Make it accessible

Here are some quick considerations to make your blog content more accessible. 

  • Don’t forget ALT text in your images.
  • Go high contrast where you can for easy reading.
  • Caption any videos.
  • If a link takes a visitor off-site, make it clear.
    Read the full blog on making your marketing more accessible here.

What's next?

Be clear on what you want visitors to do next. Here are some ideas on call to actions that might engage a B2B audience.

  • Connect with the author on LinkedIn.
  • Read more on this topic.
  • See this in play in our latest case study.
  • To discuss with our team of experts, request a callback.
  • Want to learn more? Listen to/watch our podcast/webinar.
  • Subscribe for industry insights.

Generating activity on your website makes search engines happy, which is a massive tick in your business’s online presence. 

Starting a-fresh

Start with a content strategy, and grow personas to understand your target audience. The more understanding you have of the audience, the better your content will speak to your customers. The more they engage, the more trust they build, and therefore the more sales you will generate.

Leaving your blog to go stale suggests to your audience that you don’t have the time to invest in them. Not only this, but you will also lose out on search engine rankings if you are not adding any new content to your website that compliments (not sells) your business.

Need some support in getting this started?

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