How to ensure your SEO and PR channels become a dream (lead-generating) team 

In recent years, the relationship between PR and SEO has blossomed. This article covers how these two marketing channels became good bedfellows and what you can expect when they work harmoniously.

Despite comments that backlinks are losing relevance in today’s SEO landscape, there are plenty of signals that they’re more important than ever. SearchEngineLand makes the very valid point that in the AI content era, backlinks and mentions from reputable sources make for an important way to distinguish genuine, well-researched content. However, this is only true for websites following SEO best practices.

In fact, trying to attract backlinks is a pretty wasteful strategy (time, energy, budget and opportunity) if your website’s foundations aren’t strong enough.

What is a backlink?

A backlink, also known as an inbound or incoming link, is a hyperlink on one website that points to another. In simpler terms, when one website links to another, it creates a backlink for the linked-to site.

We’ve written a whole blog on them and why they’re important.

So, before we move into the who, why and how, here’s a quick glossary of terms that will be used in this article:


Trust Built to Last

PR and SEO supercharges the search engine EEAT machine, particularly Trust, and supports the Helpful Content Update(s) by adding expert knowledge and opinion to the mix.

While PR builds a brand’s credibility and trust with an audience, SEO carries that trust through to the website with security, proof, UX and more.

A survey by Edelman in 2023 found 79% of Gen Z say it’s more important than ever to trust the brands they buy, more than any other generation surveyed.

Can't I just do PR?

Well, yes, you can. However, by investing in PR but not SEO, businesses are in for a long, drawn-out, expensive PR journey with less impact than those that marry the two.

The impact of doing PR without SEO could be one or a mix of the following:

At a minimum, start optimising your site while compiling your PR strategy. Not only will your SEO expert work to get that domain authority up (which can take time), but you will also have insightful SEO data to maximise PR efforts.

Nothing goes to waste

You know how we feel about marketing waste here at TFG. It is so important for us to ensure that our clients get the best value out of everything we do to maximise ROI. Which is why we make sure that PR and SEO work together. When they do, you know that your efforts will not be wasted.

Positive outcomes of PR and SEO working as a team

Maximum Value

The data and insights you can get from SEO data can help ensure that your campaign content gives your audience what they want. By this, we mean that the keyword and trends data that SEO experts see and can translate can be incorporated into the releases and articles your PR team is working on.

The combination of creative PR copy and SEO data means not only will your business expertise shine through, but you will also get the SEO boost of being discovered, link juice, and possibly coveted SERP features.

"When a new site and brand launches, you’re working with a clean slate. Especially when it’s an innovative product that might not have loads of people searching for it yet, as was the case with our client Bisviridi. We used this very dream team combination of PR and SEO to ensure they had a stand-out launch."

How we did it

The result? They went from 0 clicks from search to nearly 300 in the first 3 months post-launch.

Higher Chances of Results:

SEO-enhanced PR can also use a keyword-competitor-backlink analysis to really get more bang for your buck. Simply put, the process is:
The strategic efforts of both PR and SEO mean more targeted pitches and calls to warmer prospects, taking less time to build relationships and increasing your chances of success.

“It helps that BioteCH4 has a topical and relatable message which, from a media perspective, is imperative. There needs to be a story, which has substance, to ensure it will grab a journalist’s attention. Without this, the PR activity is meaningless and will not support the other communications activities.”

How we did it

Becky shares:

Over the past 18 months our PR activity with BioteCH4 has grown and grown. We identified key messages, opinions and news from the organisation and built up strong relationships with trade and regional media which has resulted in successfully pitching proactive news stories and thought-leadership pieces, as well as providing reactive comment to breaking news stories.

This has all gone hand in hand with the company’s content and SEO strategy, ensuring no activity is wasted but instead, complements and enhances each other. The highlight of this work was securing BBC Look North broadcast and online coverage, which included a backlink!

More qualified traffic:

While we try to avoid pushing a vanity metric, it is true that you will see a growth in organic traffic as PR-driven backlinks boost your search engine rankings. The hope is that the strategic SEO + PR activity has helped search engines rank you for specific key terms, services, or products you provide, so this traffic is super rich with potential leads and sales.

The mission is simple: Don’t let your brand fall behind the curve. Embody the power of SEO and PR to propel your digital presence to new heights.


How do I smash my PR-driven SEO activities?

Check out our top tips to ensure that you get the most out of your SEO and PR partnership.

But remember, the main aim should be to grow your trust and credibility in the eyes of your audience, not just about beating your competitors.

Customers are king after all.

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Ensure you know your business goals and have a clear marketing strategy for everyone to work towards.
Have GA4 and Search Console set up to track useful insights and trends.
Ensure you have a library of high-quality images on hand, including headshots of the people who will be the face of the business.
Have a document with stock answers for common questions so that if you start to get similar enquiries, you have a repository from which you can pull.
Ensure your website is as healthy as possible and showcases your business and its experts in the best light.
Ensure you can back up any claims you make! Literally, make sure the proof is in the pudding. Get those case studies up and keep them fresh, and give your experts their 15 mins of fame, too!

Ensure your PR activity has substance and meaning. Don’t just issue a news release which isn’t going to be picked up.

Want to ensure your website is ready for SEO-charged PR?

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